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Friends, this is my last regular Greenspiration newsletter for the summer. I’ll likely send out the occasional post, but I’m taking a break. Have a great summer. Stay healthy and connected.





Greta Thunberg: Humanity has not yet failed

Must Listen! In this brilliant 75-minute podcast, climate activist Greta Thunberg takes us along her trip to the front lines of the climate crisis. Compelling story-telling and insightful commentary about climate science, world governments and politicians, fame, and travel.


Or if you don’t have a spotify acct, you can listen here:



Why ‘Defunding the Police’ Is Also an Environmental Issue

Defunding the police isn’t a distraction from organizing mass numbers of people to fight the climate emergency. It’s part of the same theory of change and political vision.



Double Victory! Monsanto pesticide and GMOs just got whacked!



Bayer (Monsanto) to pay up to $10.9B US to settle Roundup lawsuits

Bayer AG has agreed to pay as much as $10.9 billion US to settle thousands of U.S. lawsuits claiming that its widely used weed killer Roundup caused cancer. But Bayer will continue selling Roundup and will not add a cancer warning label to the product.



The Chicks – March March

Great 4 min. music video, a tribute to the movements for peace and justice of our day



Our money, for a Just Recovery.

Finance Ministers of the world’s biggest G20 economies meet on July 18 & 19 to discuss how to spend trillions of public dollars on economic recovery and stimulus. We demand justice and a dignified, liveable future for all.



Haymarket Books organizes regular webinars and posts the brilliant recordings here.








Tell your local MP to support a climate accountability framework.

Canadians demand urgent climate action and a just recovery that includes a transition away from fossil fuels. We need a new approach: Canada has missed every federal greenhouse gas reduction target set to date. Send a letter to your MP here.


A New Canadian Climate Accountability Act, a report authored by Ecojustice and our partners, outlines exactly how a climate framework could help Canada join the ranks of global climate leaders.



Just Recovery Rally

Webinar recorded June 23 with thousands of Canadians and 5 MPs discussing what a just recovery would look like in Canada. Hosted by LeadNow, Canada350, Climate Action Network and Sierra Club BC – watch the recording here. #JustRecoveryForAll



Defund the Police

It just takes ONE CLICK to contact your local representatives demanding the defunding of police (Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Vancouver)



Spending $19 billion on fighter jets won’t fight COVID-19 or climate change

Instead of buying a new weapons system, the federal government should disarm and invest in a Green New Deal



Send a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and tell him it’s time to end drinking water advisories in First Nations.








OPG pulls plug on plan to bury nuclear waste near the Lake Huron

A politically fraught plan to store hazardous nuclear waste deep underground near the Lake Huron shoreline has been formally put to rest more than 15 years after it was first proposed. They will rear their ugly heads again, but for now, thanks to all the activists and First Nations on both sides of the border!



Ontario: Stop the Attach on Nature, Local Food Supply and My Quality of Life

The Ontario government is proposing to allow destructive quarries and gravel pits in the homes of endangered species, our most vulnerable plants and animals. They are also considering allowing a massive increase in the amount of farmland, forests, and other natural areas that will be converted to sprawling subdivisions, highways and roads claiming that this will help us in the economic recovery from COVID-19.



Helping our climate by phasing-out Ontario’s gas plants

The GHG pollution from Ontario’s gas-fired power plants will increase by more than 300% by 2025 as the province uses gas to replace aging nuclear plants. If this occurs, Ontario will lose 35% of the pollution reduction benefits it achieved by phasing-out its dirty coal plants. Send a letter to the leaders of the 4 main parties here calling for a phase out of Ontario’s gas plants and move to a 100% renewable future.



Can you spare a few hours to help me distribute these phase-out-gas-plants leaflets in mailboxesanywhere in the province of Ontario? They’re free and beautiful. I’ll mail them to you along with a map around your house. Or join a Toronto blitz with me. Thanks!








Recovery & Rebuilding Toronto: Ideas from individuals, groups and businesses.

Fill out the 15 min survey. June 30 deadline.



Nearly 400 Healthcare and Social Service Providers Sign Open Letter Demanding Toronto City Council Defund Police by 50%



Women’s Cycling Network #BikeMatch

Have a bike? Need a bike? Fill out the form below, and we will do our best to match you up. Women’s Cycling Network is an inclusive group of cyclists identifying and challenging the barriers to cycling for women. With a waiting list of 50 women who have a passion to acquire bikes and learn to ride, we need bikes!



Not Far From The Tree

NFFTT picks and shares unused fruit from Toronto yards, reducing food waste and improving food access for Torontonians. Pickers each get one third of the fruit while one third is donated. Join a picking team or register your tree here:



Liberating Lawns is a yard sharing project seeking to match prospective food growers with landholders so that their lawns can be liberated and turned into food. Apply as a grower or as a landowner.



Looking to share a house/space with other like-minded people in downtown Toronto core. Ideally with a yard or roof to garden. Social justice, climate awareness, permaculture principled driven, open to diversity of all kinds including age, leaning far left, healthy food, flexetarian diet, sharing responsibilities. I’m an urban gardener with a food security focus, emergency preparedness, teach cooking, Private chef & professional Declutterer. Please contact me with any ideas or desire to create a community living situation. Petra 416.732.8965


Looking for housing in Toronto asap. Budget $1200/month. Contained suite. Contact: dianneknight210@gmail.com     







Toronto City Council Online Watch Party & Discussion

Mon. June 29, 9:30 a.m. onward EST

There are many important items on the agenda including defunding the Toronto police, the City’s response to Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, anti-Black racism, COVID-19 response and reopening, building affordable and supportive housing, ending homelessness, providing childcare, and more. Join Progress Toronto via Zoom so we can watch City Council live together. While we watch the livestream, Progress Toronto chat with you on Zoom, and provide helpful info throughout the day, help to answer questions about process, timing, motions, and more.






Tipping points: what to be afraid of and what can save us

Mon. June 29, 1 p.m.

Ten years ago, scientists identified 16 potential tipping points in the earth system that could spell disaster. Today, there is evidence that 9 of these are already active. Join us to learn all about tipping points: What should we (and should not) worry about? How does their existence affect the environmental movement? And do they really mean it’s too late to act?






Begin Again: James Baldwin’s America and its Urgent Lessons for Our Own

Wed. July 1, 7 p.m. EST

Eddie Glaude Jr. and Cornel West discuss the enduring legacy of James Baldwin and lessons from his work for confronting racism today.






The Exploitation and Resistance of Migrant Workers   

Host: Jeremiah Carag.   Speakers:  Gabriel Allahdua.  Invited guest:  Chris Ramsaroop.

Thursday, July 2, 7 p.m. EST 






Nature in Your Neighbourhood

Fri July 3, 1 – 2 p.m. EST 

How well do you know your local wildlife? You don’t have to leave your home or neighbourhood to experience some of the incredible wildlife living nearby. Learn about the unique traits and adaptations of animals living in and around urban spaces. We’ll also explore some of the clues wildlife leave behind.






From Rebellion to Revolution – Socialism 2020 Virtual Conference

Sat. July 4, 2 – 6:30 p.m. EST

Five powerful online discussions will explore how we can radically transform politics and society from the ground up. This July 4th, we invite you to reject America as we know it and convene with activists and organizers from around the world.






Corporate Media and Manufacturing Consent  

Host: Elizabeth Byce.  Speakers: Yves Engler.  Invited guests:  Seth Baker, Sean Cain.

Sunday July 5, 7 p.m. EST 






PR in Germany – Why it Matters

Sun. July 5, 1 p.m. EST

Join political scientist and senior energy analyst Arne Jungjohann for an up-close look at how proportional representation compares to first-past-the-post – and how PR makes democracy better. How does the voting system affect how parties campaign, how important policy is developed and improved, and how voters feel about their democracy?






War and the Environment – Online course

July 6 to August 16

Grounded in research on peace and ecological security, this course focusses on the relationship between two existential threats: war and environmental catastrophe.






Digital Campaigning 101

Tues. July 7, 7 p.m., EST

Developing digital campaigns and strategies is crucial to winning on progressive issues, particularly now during the COVID-19 pandemic. Join Progress Toronto to learn the basics of digital campaigning, what digital campaigning can achieve, and how to create digital strategies.






Beautiful Native Plants

Tues. July 7, 6:30 p.m. EST

Native plants are beautiful, easy to grow options for any space. Get inspired and gain the resources to plan your own natural garden oasis.






The Glitter and the Shadow of Gold in BC and the North

Tues. July 7, 11 a.m. EST

Gold continues to be one of the main metals mined in Canada and on the planet, with 90% of gold demand driven by the luxury market (e.g. jewellery), financial investment products, and central banks’ reserves. This film screening of The Shadow of Gold and post screening round table discussion attempts to better understand how gold is affecting your community, your environment, and what can be done about it? Hosted by MiningWatch Canada.


Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZTyJxtQc6M





The Science and Art of Environmental Policymaking

Thur. July 9, 1 – 2 p.m. EST

With Anastasia Lintner of CELA (Canadian Environmental Law Assoc.). Policymaking is both a science and an art. This webinar will take you through the “science” of policymaking by providing an overview of the Canadian policy framework, including how policy gets created within the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government.






Learn to Camp with Parks Canada

Thur. July 9, 1 – 2 p.m. EST

The Parks Canada Learn-to Camp team will show you the basics of how to prepare for your first front country camping trip, and how to enjoy the outdoors safely during COVID-19.






Bird Sounds: Understand Your Feathered Neighbours

Thur. July 9, 11 a.m. EST

Join us for an interactive presentation about how birds communicate. Enjoy interesting bird songs, calls and more, and learn some tips to remember them. This program is recommended for families with children ages 6 and up.






How to Meet with Your Local Politician

Tues. July 14, 6 p.m.

You’ll find out why meeting with your local politician matters and how you can prepare for your meeting to make sure your voice is heard.






Peace Literacy

A skillset for the 21st century

We have two new workshops offered via ZOOM this summer – The first begins on Sun. July 19 and continues for the next three Thursday evenings. The second begins on Sun. Aug. 9 and continues for the next three Thursday evenings.






Pollinators: Small but Mighty

Tues. July 21, 1 – 2 p.m. EST

Did you know there are over 700 native species of pollinators in Canada? Learn about the importance of bees and other pollinators in our local communities through an interactive presentation!






The Rouge: Canada’s First National Urban Park

Thur. July 30, 1 – 2 p.m. EST

Canada’s first and only National Urban Park is located right in the Greater Toronto Area. Join the Parks Canada team to learn how Rouge National Urban Park protects a rich assembly of natural, cultural, and agricultural heritage, and how you can enjoy the Rouge safely during COVID-19.






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