HMBP Tour 2006 – Kudos, Feedback, Newspaper, Blogs, Podcasts

I’ve been reading Depression Expression and it’s heart-wrenching, really good. Thanks so much for doing what you’re doing. I thought the presentation in Guelph was great, very meaningful and important stuff to be talking about, and you shared some important info.
Matt, Guelph

Great issue on depression. It is about time we had more truth in medicine. Wish you had the circulation of the Globe and Mail or Toronto Star.
Dr. Abram Hoffer PhD MD FRCP (C)

Great work – it’s been an inspiration to read your journals! The breadth of knowledge and especially the connections between social justice issues, our mental health, and personal well-being that you and your friends are communicating is very valuable and appreciated!
Steve, Victoria

Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!! OhMyGod. A super newsletter! I’m putting something together for the group as we speak.
Vince, USA

I simply want to THANK YOU all so much for caring so much about issues that are so important to us all. You INSPIRE me, MOTIVATE me, CAPTIVATE me and ACTIVATE me! You are Anti-robots, you are not just ordinary Sheeple like so many of us are. You use the brains and talents that God gave you to research and create multi-media presentations that can wake some up from their mass-media controlled hypnotic lives. There’s nothing more I can say for now except… THANK YOU!
Mike, Edmonton

First let me say that I was blown away by your newspaper. The contents shook me. I am the Executive Director of a social enterprise that provides employment for people with mental health issues, myself included. We are completely psychiatric survivor driven. We talk about our circumstances amongst ourselves all the time. Obviously drugs make up a great part of that talk. Your paper is so full of information I’ve yet to absorb it all. But I want you to know that I think your paper is great. It has had a major impact on me personally and I plan on sharing the information. We do, despite all, have choice. Your paper has just expanded that field.
Rod, Toronto

After many months I finally went through your tour material today. It is fantastic. What a great job you have done. It is so good you have married the analysis with alternative approaches and hope.
Janet, Victoria

This is great stuff! I feel so moved, reading all the entries. I have two nephews in their 30s on psychiatric drugs. One of them seems to be getting worse. What a nightmare. The “side effects” are very troubling.
Helen, Toronto

Last night on Radio-Canada they showed a documentary about you and your husband, and about suicide and anti-depressants. I was really touched by it, I choked, I was crying at the end… You made me feel like I was not alone in what I had gone through… If only I had been given a list of possible side effects, I would’ve known. If only I was taken off those medications at the beginning and not told to continue taking them, if only I had been taken seriously. After watching that documentary, I finally knew it wasn’t just me, it wasn’t my fault, and that I wasn’t alone. I want to thank you for that and for your work in trying to spread the word. Even if we are rare cases, even if most people tolerate those drugs well, even if some of them couldn’t live without them, we must not be forgotten.
Mélina, Quebec

I’ve just finished going through the paper you gave us all (Depression Expression).  It’s amazing! Is there a way to get more copies?  I think it would be good to feature some
of  the articles in next  month’s e-newsletter and have some copies in the office to hand out to folks.
Mebrat, Vancouver

I just saw a copy of Depression Expression. Congratulations on putting together an informative and accessible publication on the effects of antidepressants. I’d like to pass it on to others who may benefit from the information. Where can I get additional copies?
Bill, Toronto

Thanks very much, Angela, I enjoyed reading this – glad I had/made the time, even though it’s saddening but more so encouraging!
Arlene, Montreal

I’ve been listening and reading up on your blogs. You’ve achieved and experienced so much, and the things you have uncovered are amazing! You are definitely three of the most heroic people I have personally met, and I hope your journey does not end once you reach BC! You’ve done great things, keep the fight going!
DJ, Elsipogtog

I wanted to let you know what a great job I think you did with the presentation and the newspaper. I was so impressed. I have said since 1994 that multi-media and personal stories are the only way to go to untangle complex social and marketplace issues. You really demonstrated that in spades. Kudos. I also have to say that you (and perhaps the younger generation whose culture and messages were reflected in your presentation) really gave me some hope. I think you and your friends did a real fine job.
Wendy, Edmonton

Have been following your tour. Was great to meet you and crew in Killaloe. I spoke on the need to identify the Corporate Villains of Big Pharma. I hope you do something on “Staying rich and safe behind the Corporate Pharma Wall.” Exposing their lifestyle is a story that needs to be told. Who and where are these mass murderers of Canada’s Chemical Genocide? The CEO’s of Big Pharma hold the greatest responsibility for this and maybe a Wanted poster would expose them for their Crimes against Humanity. Keep going forward.
Chad, Killaloe

I just browsed through your website and it is amazing. Your eulogy was beautiful, I loved the photos, I loved your article on antidepressant-induced suicide.
Cynthia, Toronto

I really enjoyed the presentation last night and I was glad to have met you in person. You’re doing great work, very innovative and courageous.
Colleen, Vancouver

I found your magazine at my local green co-op and read it with interest. It was really well done and so interesting! Nice work. I took some extra copies to distribute at work and elsewhere. No one involved with the issue will read it without thinking about things.
Cynthia, Montreal

Thank you for publishing “Depression Expression.” (And my condolences on the loss of your partner in life.) I am 45 years old and have a long history of depression and other ‘maladaptions’. Your little newspaper left me feeling quite sane, and a little less alone.
Donna, Halifax

This is great information. And I loved looking at the podcasts. Have fun and keep up the good work.
Dorothy, Montreal

Wow. It’s all so powerful and awesome!
Lana, Toronto

Thank you for sharing the stories and your tender emotions. I will follow your writings.
Elsie, Toronto

I knew Tooker briefly through the Student Environment Network (SEN) in Toronto and worked on his campaign to be mayor by canvassing and leafleting. It was very upsetting for me to hear about his death; he was one of the most sincere and animated people I’ve ever known. I am emailing you to say how important I think the work you are doing is, as there is very little critical activism about mental health that also takes a holistic approach to health and the environment. Let me know what I can do to help with this campaign!
Meg, Toronto

I really admire the work you’re doing.
Geoff, Edmonton

I have recently become aware of the extremely common use of anti-depressants in Nursing Homes as (what I believe to be) a replacement for spending time with residents, activities with and for them, and to excuse what our country should recognize as pure and simple neglect of our most elderly population. Governments keep cutting costs of staffing. However I honestly believe equivalent money (if not more) is going to Pharmaceutical companies in medication costs…  I have worked in the ‘mental health’ (should I call it ‘the mental illness’) system and I have (unfortunately) ‘benefited’ from some of those fancy dinners provided by the pharmaceutical companies.  Let me tell you, your messages have not offended me… As a nurse, I am not against medication. What I am against is the power of pharmaceutical companies and the lack of power of citizens. And of those promoting alternative methods of treatment.

Depression Expression is solid – well done. Your blog has quite a few powerful moments – and one of the first and foremost is how you are able to share the pain you’ve had (and still have) with the world. It will help others, but it may also help those who might contemplate offing themselves.
Hamish, Toronto

I greatly enjoyed your blog. Most of us have family and friends who suffer these troubles and too often the related pharmaceutical abuse. I miss Tooker and am sure he would be pleased with your work.
Harvey, Athabasca

I was very impressed to see your performance last night; it was inspiring for an aspiring media activist like me. This summer I will be starting up a radio segment on to talk about holistic health through food, food issues, and recipes for wellness and feel like it would be great to do a feature on depression come the beginning of winter, so I thank you for the resources/inspiration you have presented me with.
Justin, Ottawa

I am so glad that this tour is happening. It is much needed. We often talk about a healthy planet without regard to healthy people.
Chalaundrai, Edmonton

Just picked up a copy of your paper at my local community centre and was very impressed. I’m writing to request several dozen copies for our healthcare clinic (it’s a naturopathic clinic) – it will be much read/appreciated by our clients.
Pascaline, ND, Toronto

I am a consumer/survivor. I was recently introduced to your newspaper Depression Expression by a friend. I like your views. Where do I go to obtain a copy of that newsletter or how do I order it?
Roman, Toronto

A friend of mine showed me your newspaper and I found it to be very educational, interesting and happy to know, that there is a amazing paper that I would like to continue to read. I would like to know if there is a cost in receiving this newspaper or know where to find it.
Gina, Toronto

I would like to begin by offering thanks for the extraordinary work that you are doing. Not only are you disseminating vital knowledge, but you are providing an inspiring example of activist engagement. I hope that your remaining presentations go as well as tonight.
Richard, Vancouver

I just wanted to thank you all for putting your presentation together and bringing it here to Kitchener! You are all very courageous and passionate in doing what you do, and because of this, you are making a difference!
Jade, Kitchener

I just had to write to say that what you and friends are doing is beyond words. Unfortunately I am in the UK.
Jaya, UK

This is the fifth time I have ventured back to this interview with Angela Bischoff to re-read the contents… I have read many articles that Bischoff has listed on the Greenspiration website. Most people know at least one person who is or has had a history of depression and this information should be shared. Resisting the temptation to think of depression as a disease is an important first step, understanding the chemical properties and risks of taking anti-depressant medication is of great concern. As a consumer of medical services, we need to ask more questions than just assuming that all drugs will heal.
Steve, Ottawa

Congratulations on this article. I wish you total success in all of your endeavors to help combat this issue for people that suffer with depression. I am a Registered Professional Nurse in the USA. I see so many patients that present themselves to the ER for help with depression, worsening of symptoms, and actual attempts at suicide. I fully believe that medications are prescribed for far too many persons with this problem because it is easier and cheaper to provide than intense psychotherapy. Psychiatrists use these medications as a quick fix.
Dale, Ottawa

Congratulations on the undertaking of the The Healthy Mind, Body, Planet tour. You are showing great courage. After also losing my soul mate to Paxil-induced suicide I support you on you effort to raise awareness and encourage informed consent. It is so vital to prevent further harm. I would be interested in doing a similar tour in Ireland. Interested? I could use the material. Keep the good work up.
Nuria, Ireland

The Healthy Mind, Body Planet tour will hopefully get people across the country thinking about the drugs that are being prescribed so freely. Poor people are prescribed anti-depressants rather than given enough money to live more easily.
Susan, Ottawa

I attended the Healthy Mind, Body, & Planet Tour presentation held in
Toronto last Thursday and wanted to applaud Angela and her team for leading
a wonderfully insightful and courageous event. The evening was engaging in its delivery of critical material surrounding the link between mental and planetary health; as well, it was uplifting in the time it gave for public dialogue and interactivity. Angela, THANK-YOU for your work & WELL DONE!!!
Kaye, Toronto

Congratulations on all your progress! It’s quite inspiring what you’ve been able to accomplish in such a short time.
Alex, Vancouver

I took at look at your website to see what you are up to. This is way too cool. I just like the look and the feeling of what you’re doing. Can’t figure out consciously why this is hitting me with a wow, but it is.
Victoria, Windsor

Too cool. Too cool for words. Making a great moment in herstory / history / THE story. You all are MAKING things happen. And these things will be transformed into other GOOD things in the future beyond our dust and detritus. You are MAKING good things happen. Thank you!
Boo, Toronto

Just a quick note of congratulations on the video and audio podcasts. I couldn’t help but have a tear in my eye listening to the activists interviewed in Halifax, and I’ve been moved by the rest and impressed with the amazing use of technology so that I can be listening and watching you guys while I’m walking to work or putting our the washing here in Canberra, Australia. Keep up the great work and can’t wait to see and hear more.
David, Australia

Hey Angela, It sounds like if you ever want to have a career change you have enough material to become a storyteller or raconteur, kind of like “road stories”. Many politically incorrect comedians would love to have your material. Live your life with all its passion.
Leslie, Montreal

This tour is amazing and I’ve been promoting it to my circles across the country. This work is SO, SO important!!
Garlic, Toronto

Thank you for the insightful and validating presentation. You are providing a much-needed voice on this issue, spreading a valuable compilation of information to educate others.
Diana, Sherwood Park

It’s a wonderful podcast. You asked pertinent questions and brought out good detailed insights. Thanks for doing this, and thanks for all your work on drug safety.
Dr. Michèle Brill-Edwards, Ottawa

Shit Angela, you have stories to tell! You are getting right inside me here! Power to you!
Peter, Saskatchewan

I think its fantastic that you have organised this cross-country tour to get the word out about these issues. I’ve urged my sister who suffers from depression to attend tonight.
Rita, Vancouver

Just a note to say your Depression Expression is AWESOME!!!
Ruth, Toronto

I grabbed a copy of DEPRESSION EXPRESSION at the total health conference and I’m wondering where I can get additional copies of this? We need to spread this word in upstate NY.
Amy, New York

Dr Baruch of Community Chiropractic took a bunch of copies (or Depression Expression) saying “I’ve had enough experience with patients to know that anti-depressants are over prescribed.
Tracey, Toronto