Media Release: Gomberg Challenges Candidates to Ride the Bus

September 18, 1998.

Gomberg Challenges Candidates To Ride The Bus.

Mayoral Candidate Tooker Gomberg today issued a challenge to all candidates to ride the bus at least once a week during each of the four weeks of the civic election campaign.

“Polls have shown that transportation issues are the top issues on people’s minds” says Gomberg. “And the key to a more livable city is a thriving, effective and popular transit system”.

If implemented the Transportation Master Plan would more than triple congestion, and increase traffic by over 50%. To improve citizen’s quality of life Gomberg believes that significant investments in transit should be undertaken such as investments to extend the trolley wire network and expansion of the LRT system.

Gomberg is s long-time supporter, user, and advocate of transit. While on City Council he spearheaded the implementation of the extremely popular BusLink automated transit information service.

“I have travelled the world, and one thing is clear: the most livable cities I’ve seen are the cities with thriving transit systems” Gomberg concluded.