Media Release: Gomberg’s Edmonton Home First to be Wind-Powered

October 7, 1998.

Gomberg’s Edmonton Home First To Be Wind-Powered.

Today, on Wednesday, October 7, 1998 at 11 a.m. mayoralty candidate Tooker Gomberg will switch on the light to his home – and it will become the first home in Edmonton to be fully powered by renewable energy. Gomberg’s lives at #4 Sundance, in Riverdale (87 Street and 100 Avenue. North side of river, south along 88 St. to end, left turn to 87 St., turn right into second parking lot).

“Mr. West is saying that Edmontonians will be hit with blackouts. The Alberta Government’s ‘Deregulation’ has turned out to be a real disaster. Thanks to Mr. West we can no longer rely on the security of supply that we used to have.”

Gomberg believes that the future is in renewable, non-polluting energy. “I have signed an agreement to buy wind powered electricity from Southern Alberta. One benefit of the change of rules is that consumers now have a choice where they buy their electricity. Now consumers can send a clear message to utilities that people care about climate change and what we are leaving our children.”

While on City Council Gomberg spearheaded the installation of solar photovoltaic panels by Edmonton Power onto a house in the city. Gordon Howell, who lives and works in the house, is also available for interviews on the benefits of renewable sources of energy.

At the conclusion of the news conference Gomberg will show a short news video he produced while on the Greenspiration Odyssey about the windmills of Pincher Creek, Alberta.