Media Release: In a Hot Air Balloon, Gomberg Will Study the City

October 8, 1998.

In A Hot Air Balloon, Gomberg Will Study The City

Today, on Thursday, October 8, 1998 (subject to appropriate weather conditions – see below) candidate for mayor Tooker Gomberg will climb into the basket of a hot air balloon and fly over Edmonton.

“Over a decade ago I flew in a hot air balloon over Edmonton and was impressed with the beauty of the city and the river valley, and intrigued by its form. Since that time there has been considerable urban sprawl and increasing traffic congestion. I am trying to better see and understand what’s going on. Soaring above the city will give me new insights, I hope.”

Gomberg believes that stopping urban sprawl is a key to saving taxpayers significant sums of money, and to helping the city evolve onto a healthier and more sustainable path. He hopes that by better understanding how Edmonton is growing he can bring forward solutions that are both economically and ecologically sound.

Where and When: Hot air balloon flights are subject to appropriate weather. Three out of four scheduled flights are postponed.

Gomberg is scheduled to take off at 9 a.m. from near the Government House parking lot, by the Provincial Museum (12845 102 Ave.). He is expected to touch down around 9:45, where exactly is dependent on wind velocity and direction.