New Release: Robin Hood Launches Debate at the Stock Exchange

Toronto – (October 30, 2000)

From 10:30 am to 12:30 pm today, Robin Hood, in the guise of Mayoralty Candidate Tooker Gomberg, will engage in debate with citizens outside the Toronto Stock Exchange at 130 King St. W.

“Robin Hood took from the rich and gave to the poor. This enduring legend is as relevant today as ever. We have a growing homelessness crisis; shouldn’t the wealthy help find the solutions? We’ll be talking with Torontonians about the issues: smog, garbage, a healthy future for children and for people seven generations hence.”

Jane Jacobs Endorses Gomberg Campaign

With recent endorsements from David Suzuki and Naomi Klein, the Gomberg Campaign continues to pick up significant momentum and support heading into the final two weeks. We received this very special endorsement from Jane Jacobs, world-renowned thinker and writer about healthy, liveable cities.

“Tooker Gomberg has his eye on the right issues. A vote for Tooker is an affirmation of democracy, and of wisdom in the grassroots.”

We are touching a nerve among people excited about building a healthy, ecological city.