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To understand the scale of the climate emergency, look at hurricanes – by Peter Kalmus, climate scientist

Climate breakdown is far more intense in 2022 than even many scientists expected, yet the world still isn’t treating this like a crisis. 2022 has been a summer of climate insanity yet this will be, on average, the coolest summer with the least climate chaos for the rest of your life. About 80% and 15% of global heating is due to the fossil fuel and animal agriculture industries, respectively.



Cars Are Vanishing from Paris

Since 1990, the proportion of journeys by car in Paris has dropped about 45%, use of public transit has risen by 30% and the share of cyclists has increased 10x!



Green Budget Coalition Recommendations for Canada’s Budget 2023

The Green Budget Coalition is featuring five recommendations for Budget 2023:

  1. Advancing a zero-emissions electricity grid based on renewables
  2. Renovation wave: a plan for jobs and climate
  3. Delivering on Canada’s land and ocean protection commitment
  4. Advancing sustainable agriculture
  5. Institutionalizing environmental justice



‘Very Nasty Trade-Off’ as Ontario Picks Gas, Nuclear Over Renewables

“This terrible idea is where you end up if you ignore better alternatives, like rapidly expanding use of much lower-cost solar and wind, getting back to promoting ultra-low-cost energy efficiency to lower bills while saving power, and cooperating with your energy-rich neighbours in Quebec,” said Ontario Clean Air Alliance (OCAA) Director Angela Bischoff.



Extending and rebuilding the Pickering Nuclear station is a terrible idea

Please send a message to the Ford government and Opposition Leaders telling them that you want Ontario to invest in the energy efficiency and renewable electricity options which will move us to a zero-carbon electricity grid and lower electricity bills.



Supporting Progressive Champions in the Toronto Election

At Progress Toronto we are supporting Progressive Champions for City Council and the Toronto District School Board in key races across Toronto. See their choices here.



Municipal Candidates’ Climate Pledge

See the list of climate champions endorsing the OCEC Municipal Candidate’s Climate Pledge for the October 24, 2022 elections. This list will be updated until the election. Please print and ask your riding candidates if they will sign the Climate Pledge. Hosted by OCEC (Ontario Climate Emergency Coalition)



All municipal election candidates are asked to sign the Affordable (& Accessible) Housing Pledge

Toronto: https://right2housingto.ca/the-affordable-housing-pledge/

Candidates in other municipalities: http://shorturl.at/KSUZ3   


CBC: Tell the truth about the Climate Crisis

Send a letter here. https://climatefast.ca/open-letter-cbc


Public Forums on SSRI Antidepressants and Mass Shootings

David Carmichael is touring around NA speaking about the risks of anti-depressants, including addiction, suicide, homicide, and mass shootings. Learn more and support his tour:






Water Knows No Boundaries – Releasing Toxic Tailings “Ponds” Won’t Either

Tues. Oct. 4, 7:30 – 8:30 pm ET

Join Keepers of the Water and Environmental Defence as we dive into the alarming findings of our recent report, which maps decades of the toxic takeover of Indigenous territories by “tailings ponds”, massive reservoirs of oilsands wastewater.






Earth Repair, Fungi and Disaster: Working with nature in the face of Climate Change – Permaculture

Tues. Oct. 4, 9 – 10 ET

Join Earth Activist instructors Charles Williams and Chris Gilmour as we explore working with nature to solve some of our current local and global challenges. Topics will include:

– The power of ecology

– Cultivating mushrooms for food and remediation

– Waste to resource how nature works in cycles.






Why is Canada Pension Fund Risking our Funds and our Future?

Tues. Oct. 4, noon PT Vancouver

Wed. Oct. 5, Calgary

Thur. Oct. 6, London ON

Wed. Oct. 12, Regina

Thur. Oct. 13, Winnipeg

Nov. 1, Virtual meeting

The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPP Investments, or CPPIB) is hosting ten public meetings across Canada. This opportunity for Canadians to engage with CPPIB managers to ensure our $523-trillion national pension fund is invested in a safe climate future only comes around every two years. Join Canadians from coast to coast to attend one or more CPPIB 2022 public meetings and make sure the climate crisis is a priority issue for our national pension fund – not investments in oil, gas, coal and pipelines. Learn more, see sample questions, submit your climate questions, register here.






Socialists in the October Municipal Elections

Thur. Oct. 6, 7 p.m. ET

With Sean Orr, running for city council in Vancouver, Andrea Pinochet-Escudero running for Vancouver Park Board, Danny Drew, candidate for mayor in Guelph, Ontario, Sandra Griffith-Bonaparte, running for school board in Ottawa, and Daniel Tarade, candidate for Toronto school board.






Planet in Focus – International Environmental Film Festival

Oct. 13 – 23

Planet in Focus is an environmental media arts organization that showcases engaging and artistic films that question, explore and tell stories about the world in which we live. Films can be seen in theatres in Toronto during the festival OR virtually.


Invisible Demons

Sun. Oct. 16, 3 p.m. ET, Paradise Theatre, Toronto OR Virtual





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