News Release: On Nomination Day, Gomberg Delivers a Blanket to Mayor’s Office

Toronto – (October 13, 2000)

At 10:30 am today, Oct. 13, 2000 Tooker Gomberg, will sign his final papers at the Elections Office, City Hall, 5th Floor, West Tower. Then, accompanied by campaign supporters, Gomberg will deliver a blanket to the Mayor’s office, on the South Side, second floor of City Hall.

“Over the past few days in City Hall there has been much outrageous talk of garbage. But the greatest outrage in our city is how a growing number of people are being treated like garbage.”

“I promise that, if elected mayor, I will fight for the homeless and the less powerful. Mr. Lastman’s campaign appeals to those who will pay $2,500 for dinner. Our campaign is working on behalf of those who have trouble scraping together enough to eat.”