Petition for Justice in Alberta’s Oilpatch

By Angela Bischoff and Tooker Gomberg, Edmonton, Alberta.

By signing this petition you can support the people fighting for a healthy environment in Alberta.

Hi Folks: We wrote you recently about the toxic pollution problems from the oil and gas industry in Alberta, and we thought you might like to sign on to the following petition (sorry if you have already seen it…).

Please circulate it around to others you think might be interested. And remember: pollution of the atmosphere here in Alberta may end up in the air and the lungs where you are.



We share a deep concern for damage that the oil and gas industry is inflicting on the air, the water, and the soil. We believe that the cumulative impacts are significant, and that the pollution from the oil and gas industry may be causing illness and death in animal and human populations.

We are dismayed that the Alberta Government has turned a deaf ear to the longstanding concerns raised by farmers, ranchers, and others. The government should act in the public interest, but instead has ignored the public while supporting industry.

We find it abhorent that the RCMP special investigation was partially paid for by industry; this is called corporate plutocracy, or rule by wealthy corporations. Whose interests are the RCMP serving?

We support the families living on the Trickle Creek Farm in their quest for their inherent right to clean air and unpolluted water. We support the right of Wiebo Ludwig and Richard Boonstra to a fair trial and to justice. We recognize their innocence unless they are proven otherwise.

We are shocked by the irresponsible and outrageous behaviour of the RCMP, their bombing activity, and their attempts to entrap Ludwig and Boonstra. The RCMP have manipulated public opinion, and by their actions have inflamed community fear and hysteria. It is unacceptable for the RCMP to act in a way that is contemptuous of citizens’ civil rights.

We urge the public and the media to not lose sight of the fundamental issue: environmental pollution caused by the oil and gas industry.

We call upon:
i the Federal and Provincial Governments to hold an inquiry into the misconduct of the RCMP; and
ii the United Nations to hold an inquiry into the effects of the oil and gas industry in northern Alberta.

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