In order of most recent. articles further down are grouped according to where they were written during various travels.

2004, 2003

Title Date Location Description
Letter to an Activist, Earth Day 2002 April 22, 2002 (posted April 23, 2004) Toronto, ON Tooker, battling with depression, writes on activism, finding balance and avoiding burnout.
Inside Ralph Klein’s Vault Jan. 22, 2004 Halifax, NS An unfinished yet riveting piece by Tooker about his occupation of Alberta Premier Klein’s office, to draw attention to climate change and the “Lost Doc”.
Every Breath You Take Feb. 2004 Halifax, NS Twenty years ago, smoking in public was commonplace. Let’s hope that in 20 years cheap gas and thoughtless driving will be artefacts of the past. Here’s how to get there. (originally published in Alternatives, Jan. 2004)
Moving a Movement Jan. 2004 Halifax, NS Ten tips on how the peace movement can regain its momentum.
and the Salamander
Dec. 28, 2003 Halifax, NS All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) are running rampant. What can be done about it?
Speed Kills Dec. 21, 2003 Halifax, NS Following the 2 pedestrian deaths in Halifax 2 weeks ago, we submitted this piece to local papers.
Halifax Phases Out Fossil Fuels Dec. 8, 2003 Halifax, NS Tooker gave a talk on how imagination and initiative could help Halifax to lead the country in phasing out fossil fuels.
‘Buy Nothing Day’ video Nov. 29, 2003 Halifax, NS We’ve put together a short film about Buy Nothing Day and some of the conversations we’ve been having about it here in Halifax. It is a QuickTime movie about 18 MB/6 minutes large.
‘Stop Esso Day’ video Nov. 1, 2003 Halifax, NS We took part in the national Stop Esso day in Canada, and put together
The Myth that Canada is a Green Nation Oct. 23, 2003 Halifax, NS West Coast Author David Boyd, in his book Unnatural Law, tackles the myth that Canada is a green nation.
‘Harrisment’ video Oct. 22, 2003 Halifax, NS Former right-wing premier of Ontario Mike Harris visited Halifax. We showed up with a camcorder and some embarrassing questions…a 12 MB/5 minute QuickTime movie, is the result.
?? Keeping the Peace Oct. 16, 2003 Toronto, ON Arrested in March and April for fighting for peace, Tooker gets his day in court.
Hurricane Ralph Sept. 30, 2003 Halifax, NS Tooker and Angela move to Halifax, Nova Scotia and a major hurricane moves in after them.
On Nature’s Grid Aug. 15, 2003 Killaloe, ON Living in a forest powered by the sun has benefits when the electricity grid fails. (originally published in Now Magazine)
In Praise of Pie-ing July 9, 2003 Edmonton, AB The pie-ing of Alberta Premier Ralph Klein is a political statement in good taste.
Woody meets Angela’s Hammer May 26, 2003 Ottawa Valley, Canada. Angela and Tooker move to the woods and meet their new neighbours.
Toronto’s Tiananmen Square
by Rick Daniels
April 5, 2003 Toronto, ON The campers at the Toronto Peace Camp are treated like criminals but keep the peace flame alive.
Angela’s Adventures through India and Bangladesh Oct. 2002 to April 2003 India, Bangladesh Cycling (and public transiting) her way around India, Angela finds it to be a mixed bag of both cultural grace and pitiful despair. Take a peak at her travel diary as she spins her way to the heart of this ancient culture.
Turning the Tide Against Globalisation Jan. 23, 2003 Hyderabad, India After five days at the Asia Social Forum in south central India, I was emotionally exhausted. But I also left feeling that if another world is possible, it’s going to start here.


Title Date Location Description
Climate Justice at COP 8 Oct. 29, 2002 Delhi, India. While UN reps in Delhi negotiate technical fixes to weasel out of their international climate committments, farmers and urban poor rally for “climate justice”.
Surviving with Weibo Ludwig Sept. 2002 Edson, AB Although Alberta eco-saboteur Weibo Ludwig is a patriarchal diehard, his eco-ambitions are promethean.
Wholesome Undie Beats the Pants Off Molson Indy July 2002 Toronto, ON Car racing in Smogtown is ridiculed by underwear-clad cyclists.
Smelly Garbage to be Transformed into Soil and Food July 2002 Toronto, ON Activists turn crisis into opportunity, and garbage into a resource — community composting.


Title Date Location Description
Wondering what you can do to make your street more livable? Sept. 2001 Toronto, ON Make your street more livable. A review of David Engwicht’s Street Reclaiming, by Tooker Gomberg
Sweet Tastes of SummeDans mon assiette, oui ou non? Sept. 3, 2001 Toronto, ON Questions raised about the safety of mutated foods. / Les OGMs soulevent des questions troublant.
Activists gear up for the mother of all protest seasons Aug. 31, 2001 Toronto, ON It’s shaping up to be a busy Fall season of activism.
What Do Police Have Against Clean Air Aug. 21, 2001 Toronto, ON Toronto Activists Fight For Clean Air.
Toronto Islands: Oases of CalmLes îles de Toronto, Oasis de calme Aug. 9, 2001 Toronto, ON Toronto’s car-free Islands show how joyful life can be without the tyranny of the automobile.
How We Shut Down the World’s Largest Corporation July 30, 2001 Toronto, ON Cyclists take action to demonstrate the need to reduce personal reliance on fossil fuels.
Victory in Bonn? Just ask Tuvalu July 28, 2001 Toronto, ON 178 of 189 UN members agree to rules to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but they may not go far enough for Tuvalu.
Car-Free Day Stalls
June 7, 2001 Toronto, ON Toronto likes the car-free idea, but can’t seem to move on it.
How Bogota Beat Cars June 7, 2001 Toronto, ON How the capital of Columbia, Bogota, is quickly becoming a car-free zone.
Smog Smarts June 5, 2001 Toronto, ON As we choke our way through downtown traffic, is there hope for a sustainabile city? (originally published in Now Magazine)
Silenced by a Plastic Bullet May 17, 2001 Ste.-Claire-de-Bellechasse, PQ Shot by police at the Quebec City protest in April 2001, Eric Laferriere’s voice was crushed. Will you use yours to speak out? (originally published in Now Magazine)
Liberated in Quebec City May 17, 2001 Toronto, ON Angela tells of her liberation in Quebec City.
Tooker’s Prison Diary May 3-9, 2001 Toronto, ON Tooker reflects on time spent in jail following events in Quebec City. (originally published in Now Magazine)
Planet Earth Up in Smoke April 19, 2001 Toronto, ON Burning the planet at both ends will only bring the darkness sooner.
Asleep at City Hall Mar. 5, 2001 Toronto, ON Tooker is rudely awakened – and doesn’t like what he sees.
A Friction to the Machine Feb. 2001 Toronto, ON Getting arrested is a time-honoured way to bring change.
Of Coppers, Knippers, and Composters Jan. 12, 2001 Toronto, ON Fighting for peace, Tooker is deported to Toronto to fight for compost and biogas.


Title Date Location Description
?? Empty words, empty calories at the CoP6 Conference Nov. 25, 2000 CoP6, Conference in Den Haag, Netherlands. Greenspiration! Funnies: US Representative Ley gets a taste of public opinion.
Why We Burned Our Passports… Nov. 25, 2000 Den Haag, Netherlands. A statement from Kelly Reinhardt and Tooker Gomberg explaining why they burned their Canadian passports at the CoP6.
Tooker burns his passport in protest Nov. 24, 2000 Den Haag, Netherlands. Tooker Gomberg and Kelly Reinhardt burn their passports to protest Canada’s position at the CoP6.
The Shifting Sandbags of the Hague Nov. 21, 2000 The Hague, Netherlands. At the huge world congress on climate, Canada drops the ball.
It’s only garbage if you throw it away July 22, 2000 Toronto, ON How in the world could Toronto even consider shipping its garbage 600 km. and throwing it in a hole??? What a waste!
Indy Mayhem at Mel’s Front Door July 20, 2000 Toronto, ON Since Mayor Mel Lastman invited the Indy to our neighbourhood, we brought the Indy to Mel’s home. (originally published in Now Magazine)
Dinosaurs, Polar Bears and Sir John Browne June 30, 2000 Calgary, AB Strategy and energy and a mock street-hockey game, in June, in Calgary. Colour and commentary from the World Petroleum Congress.
Learning the Ropes of Direct Action May 26, 2000 Screwdriver Creek, AB Eighty people share non-violent, direct-action techniques from rope-climbing to urban-blockading. All this in anticipation of the World Petroleum Congress in June in Calgary, Canada.
Pennies from Heaven April 20, 2000 Toronto, ON Pennies rained down on Imperial Oil’s Annual Meeting of Shareholders to protest the dirtiest gas with record profits. (posted here 31-05-2005)
A Food Fight Takes Root Jan. 26, 2000 Montréal, PQ At a U.N-sponsored meeting in Montreal, a fight is brewing between the industry that is promoting genetically-mutated food, and countries that may want to be cautious and not import these “frankenfoods”.
Polar Bears Can Go to Shell Jan. 4, 2000 Toronto, ON A millennial challenge to Shell to reconsider its recently-announced $4.9 billion tar sands project and to invest in solar and wind power, and energy-efficiency instead.


Title Date Location Description
Nukes No Solution to Climate Change Dec. 5, 1999 Toronto, ON Canadian officials are promoting nuclear power as a climate change solution. But nukes have their own problems, and there are much better alternatives available.
Kyoto Revisited: Letter to the National Post Oct. 30, 1999 Toronto, ON Meeting Canada’s Kyoto target will save money, protect the environment, and create jobs, too.
When in Italy, Do Like the Ferrarans Oct. 22, 1999 Ferrara, Italy. Fuelled by cappuccinos, Tooker discovers the joys of pedalling around Italy’s best city for cycling.
It is Time to Bury the Car Sept.13, 1999 Toronto, ON We buried a car to commemorate the centennial of Henry Bliss’ death – the first person killed by a car in North America.
You Say Tomato, I Say Fish May 24, 1999 Edmonton, AB The basic genetic material of the food we eat is being manipulated for corporate profits. Concerned citizens are starting to fight back.
If Trees Die… Does Anybody See? May 6, 1999. Edmonton, AB Many trees in Alberta are dying or showing significant signs of disease. Is there a lesson here for humans?
Earth Day Fantasies April 22, 1999 Edmonton, AB For Earth Day, let’s exercise our imagination and savour how things could be.
Fighting for Their Lives April 20, 1999 Peace Country, Northwestern AB A small, Christian community strives for self-sufficiency but ends up battling the oil and gas industry.
Fund to Encourage Active Transportation April 19, 1999 Edmonton, AB We are trying to catalyze the establishment of a Canadian fund to help finance facilities for walking, cycling and non-motorized transportation modes.
Arrested in Montreal: Sofa, So Good Mar. 27, 1999 Montréal, PQ A zany account of finding a couch, sitting in the street, having fun, and getting arrested. Reclaim the streets!
The Public Library: Something Worth Saving from the 20th Century Feb. 24, 1999 Edmonton, AB The library is a special and unique institution, based on sharing and intelligence.
Glimmers of Green from Southeast Asia Feb. 23, 1999 Edmonton, AB We wrote this piece, about our travels in Asia, for the June, 1999 edition of New Internationalist Magazine.
Turf War Settled by Bobcat Feb. 11, 1999 Edmonton, AB After a week of day and night protest, the quinzee (snow hut) was flattened by the RCMP.
Winter Camp for Justice Grows Feb. 6, 1999 Edmonton, AB The Winter Camp for Justice in the Oilpatch grows with an expanded quinzee (similar to an igloo) on the front lawn of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
Petition for Justice in Alberta’s Oilpatch Feb. 6, 1999 Edmonton, AB By signing this petition you can suppport the people fighting for a healthy environment in Alberta.
Travellers on the Big Blue Marble Feb. 5, 1999 Edmonton, AB A winter camp for justice in the oilpatch is established to protest pollution, and police dirty tricks.
Winter Protest Camp Established at RCMP H.Q. Feb. 3, 1999 Edmonton, AB News Release explaining why a Winter Protest Camp for Justice in the Oilpatch has been established.
Icing on the Millennial Cake Jan. 7, 1999 Edmonton, AB As the year 2000 looms closer, now is a good time to think about, and invest in, self-sufficiency.


Title Date Location Description
Y2K: Connecting the Dots, the Dates, and the Data Dec. 29, 1998 Edmonton, AB If the Millennium Bug bites, we could be in real trouble. We would be wise to consider contingency plans sometime soon.
Human Rights and Inhuman Wrongs: Glimpses from a Human Rights Conference Dec. 1, 1998 Edmonton, AB Organizers try, but fail, to bar Tooker from a Human Rights Conference.
Something Ventured, Something Gained Oct. 25, 1998 Edmonton, AB We ran a dynamic, fun campaign for Mayor and succeeded in raising awareness of ecological and social concerns.
Province Missing the Boat On Climate Change Sept. 16, 1998 Edmonton, AB News Release challenging the Alberta government to not resist climate change, but to embrace the opportunities.
An Open Letter to Prime Minister Chrétien Aug. 24, 1998 Edmonton, AB On the occasion of the Prime Minister’s visit to Edmonton Tooker cornered him and delivered this letter about climate change.
City Elections? Who Cares? Aug. 20, 1998 Edmonton, AB An article about elections published in Le Monde a Bicyclette, an ecological, velorutionary publication in Montreal.
Off and Running: For Mayor! Aug. 7, 1998 Edmonton, AB Tooker decides to take the plunge and run for Mayor of Edmonton.
A Time to Run? July 16, 1998 Edmonton, AB Having recently returned to Edmonton, Tooker and Angela toy with pulling together a campaign for mayor of Edmonton.
On the Turtle’s Back July 10, 1998 Edmonton, AB This article, written for Integral, an environmental and health publication in Spain, tells of how it feels to be back in Canada.

1998, 1997

written while traveling in Asia (Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan) in 1997-98.

Title Date Location Description
Vietnam and the War in the Streets May 29, 1998 Hanoi, Vietnam From sustainable to motorized transportation in five short years.
Chinese Solutions to Some Puzzling Problems May 15, 1998 Nanning, China Styrofoam and honking have been banned for the benefit of the community.
?? China Gets its Shit Together May 10, 1998 Yulin, China China gets its shit together and magically turns it into biogas fuel for cooking, lighting and heating water.
Bridge Over the Language Barrier May 8, 1998 Wuzhou, China Travelling in foreign lands is a challenge, but we have some tips.
Chinese Food for Thought May 7, 1998 Guangzhou, China Food markets in China can be a vegetarian’s nightmare.
Clean Electricity Doesn’t Cost the Earth April 20, 1998 Hong Kong Can industrializing countries leapfrog the West’s fossil fuel addiction?
Big Mac’s Attack on Free Speech April 18, 1998 Hong Kong McDonald’s gets snared by 2 London activists who refuse
to be bullied.
Island of the Walkers March 18, 1998 Lamma Island,
Hong Kong
Car-free Lamma Island is paradise alongside the hustle of
Hong Kong.
Energy and the Winds of Change March 3, 1998 Hong Kong An interview with energy guru
Amory Lovins.
The Streets of Taiwan Jan. 22, 1998 Kaohsiung, Taiwan From the hordes of screaming scooters to the endangered marshes of the
black-faced spoonbill.
Hungry? Just Look for a Swastika Jan. 19, 1998 Kaohsiung, Taiwan Eating veggie-style
in Taiwan.
Slow Boto to Paradise Jan. 5, 1998 Koniya, Amami Island, Japan Eco images from Japan.
?? Turning a Corner at the Kyoto Climate Summit Dec. 15, 1997 Kyoto, Japan The beginning of the end for the oil industry.
Hot Gases and Sleepless Nights Dec. 10, 1997 Kyoto, Japan Late-night thoughts from the Kyoto Climate Summit.
Thai’ed Up in Traffic July 31, 1997 Bangkok, Thailand The ultimate in driving hell is found in Bangkok.


written while traveling in various parts of North America, including Cuba, in 1997-96.

Title Date Location Description
Imagination and a Green Future Sept. 23, 1997. Montréal, Canada Ten years after the Montreal Protocol the planet still burns.
Towards a Green Millennium Sept. 14, 1997. Montréal, Canada Environmentalism for the New Millennium.
Not Wasted in Burlington Aug. 18, 1997. Vermont, USA Sewage and Food Scraps – from waste to wealth.
The Big Apple is Turning Green July 15, 1997. New York City New York’s urban ecology is thriving.
Tumbling Down from the Earth Summit July 2, 1997. New York City Five years after Rio the planet is losing ground.
Choosing a Future: An Election Column June 18, 1997. Montréal, Canada Highlights of our federal election bid.
Dead End at Chrétien’s Cabin May 31, 1997. Montréal, Canada Taking climate change to the Prime Minister’s doorstep.
Putting on My Running Shoes April 22, 1997. Montréal, Canada Tooker runs for the federal ND’s in Outremont.
Our One Cent’s Worth on the Tobacco Sponsorship Furor March 11, 1997. Montréal, Canada Our take on Bill C-71, The Tobacco Act.
Smoking Guns and Tailpipes March 4, 1997. Montréal, Canada Automobile emissions are the environmental equivalent to chain smoking in the home.
Call That a Budget? Feb. 25, 1997. Montréal, Canada An eco critique and proposal for the federal budget.
Cuba Has Lessons for Canada’s Energy Minister Feb. 13, 1997. Cuba Cuba’s environmental revolution gets top grades.
Cuba: An Island Apart Feb. 7, 1997. Cuba Cuba’s social and economic revolutions are impressive.
Cuban Cyclists Were Our Fellow Travellers Jan. 31, 1997. Cuba Bicycle touring through Cuba’s countryside.
Taming Traffic for More Livable Cities Jan. 8, 1997. Montréal, Canada Calming traffic liberates people.
Lost in Cyberspace or Something New Under the Sun Dec. 21, 1996. Montréal, Canada Winter Solstice on the Internet.
Volleyball and a Solstice Epiphany Dec. 18, 1996. Montréal, Canada Let volleyball be a lesson in peace.
Global Russian Roulette Dec. 3, 1996. Montréal, Canada Spacecraft pose catastrophic nuclear threat.
Dances with Bagels Nov. 16, 1996. Montréal, Canada Montreal’s great growing pains.
Extinction is Forever Oct. 23, 1996. Montréal, Canada The World Conservation Union eats Caribou while species disappear.
Having Your Car and Eating it, too Oct. 17, 1996. Montréal, Canada Car sharing is a convenient and economical alternative to ownership.
Camping to Save the World Sept. 23, 1996. Temagami, ON What a lovely place for a protest camp.
High in the Mountains and Wet in the Lakes August 30, 1996. Glacier, Montana. Cliff hangers, storm water, and Green politics.
Tilting at Windmills, Not! August 21, 1996. Pincher Creek, AB Wind as a clean energy source.
Through Wind, Rain, and Mountain Passes August 14, 1996. Banff, AB Cyclist’s fuel, mountain wildlife, and cool clean water.
Riding the Rails to the Rockies August 5, 1996. Jasper, AB Music, ducks, and late night riding.
Wedding Bells are Ringing June 11, 1996. Riverdale, AB The angels smiled on Tooker and Angela’s ceremony.
Bright Green Stories May 9, 1996. Edmonton, AB An introduction to Greenspiration!
Ten Commandments for Changing the World 1996 Earth. Some thoughts on activism and how to bring about change. Gleaned from years of effort.