2006 Healthy Mind, Body, Planet Tour DVD Now available!

In the spring/summer of 2006, we crossed the country documenting and cross-pollinating info on the dangers of antidepressant drugs and the pernicious influence of Big Pharma.

We’re THRILLED to finally announce our Healthy, Mind, Body, Planet (HMBP) Tour ’06 Presentation DVD is now complete and available for a small donation. If you missed our presentation, you can catch it here, or buy it for someone you know that is taking antidepressants.

Find below a brief description of what’s on our new DVD, and how to get it. All sales of the DVD will go into production of our tour documentary, “Off the Rails“.

The DVD contains the HMBP presentation that toured 24 Canadian communities, coast to coast in the spring of 2006. Within the 94-minute presentation are six video modules — Playing With Democracy, Prescription Suicide, CBC collage, Little Boy Blue, Corporate Control and Communal Health

EXTRAS included on the DVD:

  • Depression Expression tabloid (20-page, colour PDF);
  • 12 Audio files including interviews with Dr. Michele Brill-Edwards, Dean Fergussen, Dr. David Zitner, gripping testimonials;
  • 6 Videos including extended interviews with Dr. Abram Hoffer, Percy Schmeiser, breathtaking scenery;
  • 3 HMBP tour shorts;
  • 2 songs — Le Monde a Bicyclette and Now is Well.

With a minimum donation of $25, we’ll send you a copy of our Presentation DVD from the Healthy Mind Body Planet tour 2006 along with the extras, and we’ll get to work on the documentary.

Thank you all for your ongoing support. To order the DVD, contact…

Angela Bischoff, Greenspiration.org, greenspi(at)web.ca
Kelly Reinhardt, BoilingFrog.ca, kelly(at)boilingfrog.ca
Bridget Haworth
Healthy Mind, Body, Planet Team