Activist Elections: Just do it!

Toronto – (October 16, 2000)

Tonight, Monday, Oct. 16 Scarborough Centre Council candidate Angela Bischoff and Mayoralty candidate Tooker Gomberg will host a Free University course entitled: Activist Elections: Just Do It!

The course will run for six consecutive Mondays from 7:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m, at Sidney Smith Hall, Room 2129, 100 St. George St., on the University of Toronto campus. All are welcome, and there is no charge.

This course will explore the potential of elections to raise issues of concern to our community. We’ll act on and talk about using the mainstream and alternative media to get the word out; we’ll collectively create effective direct actions; we’ll try out different grassroots organizing techniques; and more. Each week we’ll bring in speakers from the environmental and social justice communities to share their experiences and solutions to our urban ills.

Tonight’s session features:

Keith Stewart, Toronto Environmental Alliance, speaking on smog. Michael Shapcott, Toronto Disaster Relief Committee, speaking on Housing, Homelessness and the Olympics, Adams Mine and Garbage: What next?? Tooker and Angela on their election campaign strategy.

The Free University of Toronto is organized by students, staff, faculty and community members interested in reclaiming university education for the people. The aim is to create an open, accessible, inclusive, non-corporate, no-fees University of Toronto.