Commendations: Collected

Re: News Conf: Transportation — Where Are We Going?

Hi Tooker,

Thanks for the message. As far as I am concerned you are right on track. As a Dutch visitor to Edmonton for the last 4.5 years I have seen a lot of things that I really appreciate about Canada, but city planning and transport are definately not part of that. In their quest for convenience, a quest that extends well beyond transport, Canadians have taken the spirit out of their cities. People know what they are missing because if they return from a holiday to Europe they extoll about the liveliness and character of the European cities. I hope that you can let them see that they could have such a city in their backyard if only they would accept that possibility and work towards it.

I will leave Canada to take up a new job in the UK in a couple of weeks, and I wouldn’t be allowed to vote anyway. Nevertheless I would like you to know that I really admire your approach to life and politics and for showing that a “sincere politician” is not an oxymoron.

Bart Hazes


Quite Impressed

I just checked out your web page and was quite impressed!

I’m a former Edmontonian and I try my best to stay in touch with the goings on of Canada’s greatest city. I must admit that I had heard of you but never knew much of your background other than the off-the-wall image portrayed by the media. After reading you web page, I firmly believe that your progressive and socially oriented platforms are just what the city needs. Edmonton is stuck in a rut and your ideas are exactly what the city needs to not just draw business but just ordinary people looking for a city that has something to offer.

I find your platform to be honest and not based on the same empty, self-promoting, tax-relief promising of Bill Smith. I’m quite confident that the days of Smith embarrassing the city with every public appearance are over.

Good luck to you! I wish I could vote, but you have my support, nonetheless.

Garth D. Jolly
Fletcher Challenge Energy Canada Inc.


From the eyes of an 18 year old


I would just like to wish you luck on your quest to become Edmonton’s mayor. Five of my friends (who are voting in an election for the very first time), as well as myself are going to vote for you when election day roles around. Why am I voting for you??? Well, it is because the goals you have in mind are achievable and realistic. They are not huge promises that you are hoping us voters won’t see through. However, I am not so naive as to think that you will actually come through on all of your promises (seeing as no leader in the history of humankind ever has). But I do believe that you will try your best to see your goals realized. I appreciate that in running for mayor, you are at the same time, just being yourself.


Mark Johnston


Hello From an Longtime Supporter

Hi, Tooker, Ange

You probably don’t remember me, but I hung out with you guys for a while about 10 years ago when I was a member of the Edmonton Bicycle Commuters. At the time, my main motivation for membership was the 15% discount at George’s cycle, but I always admired your principles and commitment to environmental preservation. Your presence in City Hall was like a breath of fresh air and I look forward to my first opportunity to cast my ballot in your favour in this election. I hope you kick butt!! If you get the chance, let me know how it’s going. (I have been out of touch with news lately, and just recently found out that you were running.) Bye for now.

Rick Allen

p.s. My wife Diana thinks you’re great too


Commendation from Carl Kurz

Dear Tooker and Angela,

I want to say thanks for the help and I make a hearty toast to your indefatigable energy. You’ve brought so many people together and helped us to share innumerous resources and you’ve always given me very good advice based on lots of experience. I wish you the best of luck for the upcoming elections on the 19th and for the years to come. Hmm… Mayor Gomberg…

I’m glad you’ve both done so much traveling and looking and participating in the world. As sobering and depressing as it may be at times I’m sure its given you lots of good ideas simultaneaously. Have you studied the situation in Curitiba Brazil speaking of development models and creative approaches sustainable low budget planning and enhancement of public space? One books’ title is Hope, Human and Wild. (I forget the author) I’m sure you’ve already seen it. Awesome ideas and creative solutions…

Carl Kurz



Dear Angela @ Tooker


The (Hong Kong) power station extension (that you discovered and galvanised opposition towards) has just received the first nail in its coffin – a damaging financial report from ING Barings which advises that it is an unsound financial investment, totally unnecessary, and primarily linked only to the profit potential under the Scheme of Control, which it advises scrapping altogether. No, it’s not dead yet, but I think it is the beginning of the end. All I can say to you two is THANKYOU, TAKE COURAGE and KEEP GOING, because what you are doing is WORKING and the effects will become apparent, as they have here.

Love, Amelia


Intelligent Life

Hello Tooker

Thank you for running for Mayor. We just watched the various platforms of the candidates on the Access Network. Frightening, isn’t it. You, obviously, represent the only intelligent life form in the race. Good luck to you… sincerely. We’ll be voting for you. In keeping with that, thank you specifically for having arts and culture as one of your platform “planks.” It’s refreshing to have someone stand up for the arts as an essential, viable resource within this city and province. Also, your stand on safety, traffic and transportation issues are soooo important. You speak honestly and with refreshing lack of governmentese double-talk… We’re so appreciative of having the opportunity to vote for someone who isn’t a grinning idiot, and who is able to TALK with people without being patronizing.

Rona Marak and Michelle LaVoie


My Support

1st and foremost sir with respect to your web site the FRAMES on the left should not be re-sizeable and the whole thing should be designed for 640X480. I remember during the gulf war at the SIT IN at the government center, of which I was a part of, a homeless amn came up and asked if you had anything to eat; you replied with hot coffee and an apple. For that action you have my eternal respect and admiration and the support that I can generate for you in my immediate social group. Politics these days is rattled with incompetance “As for pepper, I put it on my plate.” and the notorious flip flop on taxes that mr smith does simply annoys me.

Real Leadership comes in knowing that the electorate does not care what the message is, it is the consistancy and the credibility of the political messanger. If you say somthing one day, then reverse yourself another, the people loose faith.

Bill Smith has become his own worst opponent and subsequently the cities representative to the people. You want this election? Here are some suggestions:

Wear the suit, project the image of a professional politician. Everyone knows you as the grassroots guy, lets change that. You’ll still be the same, but you have to win the votes of more than just the fringe electorate; the business people. Ihor Broda has major conflicts of interests that can disrupt his campain. Dig it up and make him eat it. You have to really want this job, you have to taste it. Shedule appearances and platform statements and rebuttles. Invite A channel and edge into your campain. Become the consumate proffessional looking mayoral candidate. You are the only sane qualified candidate.

Good luck sir



Go For It! From Hong Kong

Deat Tooker,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note just to say that I am scanning your e-mails each time they come through, though I can’t focus too clearly on them due to workload – it has got even more hectic in recent months.

Tooker, I just wanted to say I really wish you the BEST OF LUCK. I find your ideas both fascinating and convincing. I personally find cleaning up a city more interesting than cleaning up natural areas — it’s where most of us live and work (certainly in Hong Kong), where most of us suffer from pollution/environmental problems the most, and you seem to have the vision and conviction to try and make a green city actually work.

Your election campaign can’t be criticized for lack of effort or enthusiasm. I realize what working on a shoestring budget is like (two months ago we fired 40% of our staff in order to stay afloat), and I just want to say ‘Go for it’. I’ll be delighted if you get elected, but you should be proud of your efforts and ideas whatever the results. Give my best to Angela.

Take care,


We Have A Yen For Dong, Yuan and Dollars!

Hi Tooker,

Good luck with the election! Second place…wow you have a good chance. We’ll be rooting for you. Keep us posted. At any rate, congrats for raising all those great issues.

Wendy Priesnitz, Editor
Natural Life Magazine – Canada’s Alternative Newsmagazine


Re: Lower Taxes: Why Not? (2 messages)

I’ve a study from 25 german towns that shows, that more parking space in the city centre does not mean more turnover in retail sale. If there is a connection at all, it is slightly negative – that means, more parking spaces mean less turnover in retail sale.

I don’t know if these numbers count for american cities as well and the thing is, I only have that study in German.

Greetings from Vienna
Daniel A. J.
Wenn Sie Probleme als RadfahrerIn, FussgaengerIn
oder RollstuhlfahrerIn in Wien haben, wenden Sie
sich an die Gruene Rad+Fuss


wishing you the best of luck, Tooker!!

also your computer has the wrong date so the email lands way in the back of the stack, i had to seach for it…fix it please, so peple see your messages in front….

thanks for painting such a nice green picture…look forward to hearing good news soon!! best, web

Wendy E. Brawer, director
Modern World Design
New York, NY 10002 USA
home of the Green Map System

& other services and products for ecological stewardship


RE: A Boost Over The Top??? (2 messages)


If words from me would count for anything, you may certainly quote me as endorsing you.

“It’s time for fresh thinking. Tooker Gomberg has the passion, the pragmatism, and the principles to make Edmonton thrive. Vote Tooker!”

(Director, Northwest Environment Watch, Seattle)



I wish you the best of luck. Hopefully your efforts and example will propel other like minded people to come forward and do the same in cities across the world. As I mentioned before, we tried it in our community nearly ten years ago. We were amatuers and but at least we stirred up the waters. An idea whose time hadn’t quite come yet. In fact it is about time we tried again…..Thanks for the inspiration!

May the Force be with you,

Edward Levinson, Photographer and Writer
Kamogawa City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan

“Once Rural and Quickly Developing Resort Town”

PS. Just finished reading the other emailed platforms and press releases. It makes me want to visit Edmonton when you are mayor! Sorry I can’t contribute monetaraily at the moment, but feel free to use my name as a supporter. If there are any of my photographs on the web that you could use some where in a brochure or pamphlet, you have my express permission to do so. Please give a photo credit if possible.


Thank you for reply

Thank you for reply, it was very informative. I really enjoy many aspects of your platform, like green areas in the city, and furthering education of the general public in regards to native culture. I am delighted with your stance on the value of the arts to the community of Edmonton.

Would it be possible for you to send me information on your viewpoint on the MAI and what action if any you would take, if any, regarding this agreement?

Thank you, for your response. Take care.

Tanya Lampey


An Issues Campaign Fantastic

Dear Tooker and Angela,

At the beginning of the campaign you promised an issues campaign. Its been a fantastic education to receive such well researched responses to every aspect of urban living in our time. You and your team have delivered on this issues promise! From Montreal we can only hope to have such attention to the underlying basis of economy, which is truly ecology. Your campaign is a model, which we we be referring to in years to come. As you probably know selective Quebec municipal elections are November 1st.

Douglas Jack


We support you

Dear Mr. Gomberg:

I know that you must be very easy as the election date is approaching. I believe that once elected, you will be a very responsible and good mayor. Go for it, and you have our blessing and support.

Min Ching Huang,
from Tainan, Taiwan.