Election 2000: Endorsements


So Tooker Gomberg ain’t that respectable. And Mel is? If our choice is between two short Jewish guys who like to act out to get our attention, then Gomberg is our man. It was this newcomer to Toronto who gave us the mayoralty campaign we so desperately needed, who didn’t allow Mel to just hand over matters to his main bagmen while he waited for his certain coronation. Mel has been taking us for granted, but Gomberg has been offering up environmental, housing and social policy. He gave us a great campaign, and in return we offer him our endoresement.” – NOW Magazine, November 9-15.


“Incumbent Brad Duguid will be hard to beat here. He has a reputation for being a moderate. But his voting record sure doesn’t substantiate that. He’s voted with Mel across the board. Activist Angela Bischoff, mayoral candidate Tooker Gomberg’s partner, was a late entry here. If you’re looking for a candidate with a strong social conscience and a commitment to a greener city, she’s got the bona fides.” – NOW Magazine, November 9-15.

“Tooker Gomberg has his eye on the right issues. A vote for Tooker is an affirmation of democracy, and of wisdom in the grassroots.” – Jane Jacobs, world-renowned thinker and writer about healthy, liveable cities.

: “I endorse Tooker Gomberg’s campaign in defense of poor and ordinary people, and his very creative meeting and recruiting of the public.” – Dan Heap, former MP, former City Councillor, Anglican Priest

“Tooker Gomberg is one of the few politicians I have met who has a deep understanding of the environmental and social justice issues that confront us today and he has built a platform based on resolving them. It’s time we made these issues the top priority in every election at all levels of government.” – David Suzuki.

“It’s time we elected a mayor who understands the real issues Toronto faces and is prepared to tackle pollution, poverty and the provincial government.” Josephine Grey, Low Income Families Together

“Tooker Gomberg is a visionary — an activist who puts principle into practice!” Elizabeth May, Executive Director, Sierra Club of Canada

“Tooker Gomberg – One of Toronto’s Top Ten Activists” Now Magazine, Jan. 6-12, 2000

“I’m voting for Tooker Gomberg for mayor because, right now, garbage is the defining issue, and he’s on the side of a clean future.” Michele Landsberg, Toronto Star Columnist (Full Article)

Hey guys, I’m stuck in San Jose, but I’ll be home to vote for Tooker and to give you some bucks as well. Thanks for keeping me up to date on what’s happening at home. And Tooker — you are great! I hope you make a dent in the mayor vote, but if you just helped stop us from dumping garbage in that lake, you have a lot to stand up and take credit for. You’re a decent person, my friend! That should count as a victory.

“Tooker Gomberg is without the shadow of a doubt the answer to our prayers. He is that rare combination of wide ranging intellect and down to earth problim solver. He speaks with style and clarity devoid of any mel like boosterism and/or blatant, self serving political button pushing.” EYE, Sept. 14, Letter to the Editor, Ruth Cohen

Dear Tooker:
Because of you, I am no longer ashamed of being a Torontonian.
You’re wonderful.
Love, Astrid

Hello there Mr. Gomberg. I just wanted to send you an e-mail to let you know that for the first time in many years I have been inspired to take action and vote. For the most part I think politicians are a joke, but listening to you speak about the issue that affect our city seems to make sense to me. I look forward to supporting you, and would greatly appreciate any updates and information you could pass on.

J. Iner Souster

Brian, Here is an interesting story about “politics” for the future, courage and creativity to reach the real people and cut out of the bureaucratic straightjackets. I know Tooker Gomberg, a fearless, cutting edge politician who served a term in Edmonton and achieved some impressive environmental change and municipal reform there. Not a “pseudo”green this guy! Fay

What a great thing for you Tooker, to use your experience on Edmonton City Council to help your leadership as Mayor of Toronto. Gordon, Edmonton

Hello Toronto environmental leaders,

I’d like to endorse a friend of twenty years now who is running for mayor of Toronto and according to the Toronto Star is in second place after Mel Lastman. Tooker and his partner Angela have been innovators in the environment for decades now. I first met Tooker in 1980 while part of promoting recycling of newspaper, glass, plastic, metal, compost and more. Tooker had initiated a recycling center called ‘Vielle Nouvelles’ which was the most comprehensive facility at that time in the Montreal region besides the Salvation Army. Tooker is well researched and always active in researching these solutions. Over the years whether managing the Urban Ecology Center in Montreal, as a city councilor in Edmonton (Angela’s home town) developing their now acclaimed composting system, researching best ecological practices worldwide with Greenspiration Odysee or a long list of other achievements, Tooker has pushed the edge of green design and community economic development. For me Tooker has always been a joy to work with.

With a well orchestrated ideas and experience campaign Tooker has captured second place and with the cohesion of green and socially concerned people Tooker could become mayor of Toronto and actually bring the us decades ahead in restoring the productive capacity of our environment.

Tooker has my unreserved endorsement,

Douglas Jack, coordinator of the Eco-Montreal Tiotiake green map.

Congratulatios. Jane Jacobs, David Suzuki and Naomi Klein. All three have that magic ingredient of wisdom, brains and heart. People don’t get any better than that.

T.S. Elliot said: “Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge, where is the knowledge we have lost in information.”

Press on. The ecology movement is a huge constituency, it will not, cannot, be ignored forever.


Great appearance on TV [CP24 live interview]! You convinced me. Thanks for actually trying to make a difference. It’s time someone did. I must admit I haven’t been paying attention to this election. Thanks for giving me a real option.

Dear Mr. Gomberg,
We wish we could be voting for mayor in Toronto as well as in Aurora where we live. We never paid much attention in politics but we have to say we were very impressed with your interview tonight on CityTV. In politics everything seems always the same. You are bringing something new to it the way you attract people’s attention and challenge other candidates. We wish you luck on Monday!
Sincerely, Carlos & Katia

well you got my vote. i`m very enthusiastic about voting for mr. gomberg i truly believe that he is the type of politician canada and the rest of the world good really do with. i was considering volunteering to aid in the campaign but i`m a little on the busy side. however, i have dedicated the past couple weeks to inform as many people as possible, at work and socially, that there is a choice to be made in this election, that we don`t have to put up with mayor melon, there is a candidate with solid ideas to develop this city in a way we will one day be proud of.

thank you rendog


I’m a local Old Roman Catholic priest in the Parkdale area. I had pretty much assumed another sure win for Mel and was somewhat satisfied with this. I’ve long held that Toronto is quickly becoming a fascist-police state. And persecution of squeegee’s and homeless found panning is another example of cleansing of undesirables from Toronto the Good. When serious crimes of violence rage our city, cops are given licences to arrest people trying to earn enough for food.

What had drawn me to Tooker’s campaign was Mel’s henchmen and mall security dragging of Tooker, who as far as I could see was simply exercising his right to free speech. Seems to be further abuse of human rights by the Social elite.

Just wanted to say you’ve got my vote now and keep up the fight.

-Fr. Stephen W. Porter ORC


Sierra Club of Canada


OCTOBER 10, 2000


�The Sierra Club is endorsing Tooker Gomberg for mayor because he provides the best leadership to protect our air, water and land from costly pollution,” says Janet Pelley, chair of Toronto’s Ron Burchell Group of the Sierra Club. Unlike Mayor Mel Lastman, Gomberg has practical solutions for the problems of traffic gridlock, smog, declining transit service and what to do with our garbage.

Instead of relying on unproven technology to dump our garbage in an abandoned pit near Kirkland Lake, as Lastman proposes, Gomberg has a sustainable and less costly solution. He says Toronto can slash the amount of waste heading to landfills by 50% to 70%, as other Canadian cities have done, by banning organic waste from landfills and composting it. He proposes we remove all recyclables from waste before landfilling it, and have incentives in place to reduce waste before it is generated.

Instead of building more highways for smog-generating cars, as our city council proposes to do, Gomberg would help us quit our addiction to cars. He would boost funding for transit and extend TTC lines. He plans to work on alternatives such as good urban design, and quality walking and cycling environments.

Gomberg’s solutions would save money, create jobs and protect the environment “With Gomberg as our mayor, we will get real solutions to save the environment as well as our pocket books,” concludes Pelley.

JANET PELLEY, 416-538-2856