Eulogy for Tooker, by Nathan Scott (14)

(When and where?)

Tooker was a man above all men. He always seemed to do the exact pro-ecological movement that we were thinking. He impacted my life in many great ways, helping mould the person I am today.

I first met Tooker by my family subletting his and Angela’s house… I fell in love with the house immediately, with its Earthesque quotes hanging everywhere and the warm bathing energy of their presence pressed into the walls.

Tooker liked to play with me, from using puppets to just hanging out.

From the day I entered the house, my personality and perspective seemed changed. I began loving animals and the earth a lot more. He affected me in so many other small ways that I cannot specifically remember, but it is evident that all of it carved my mind.

I used to enjoy seeing him and Angela together, for it always meant fun. I recall being at the Folk Festival one time, feeling a bit frail and weak for I was currently going through cancer treatment. I saw them there and immediately all my fears were briefly forgotten. It was 2002, and Tooker’s, Angela’s and the sun’s presence sedated me. I had a deep talk with Tooker about the environment and then danced to music with Angela. When it was time to move to another location, I hopped in my wheelchair and they pushed me through the sloppy mud, for it had rained the previous night. But, when the wet dirt proved inaccessible by wheels, Tooker and Angela lifted me high above their shoulders and I was soaring above all the people. I was slightly scared at the height at first, but the presence of Tooker quelled my fears as I hung on for dear life to his head…

To me, he was the Ambassador for Mother Earth and a loved and cherished friend. My family and I now live at a different house, but we still have Tooker’s frisbee which we chuck around every summer while thinking of him. And, last but not least, we still have the very poster that reflected Tooker’s life a lot. It shows a picture of thousands of tree stumps lying on a barren ground, while quoting:

“O Pardon me, Thou bleeding piece of Earth That I am meek and gentle with these butchers.” – Shakespeare

I will always love you and miss you forever.