Healthy Mind, Body, Planet Tour: Media Coverage

?? The Coast, Halifax, Jan. 18, 2007
Mental Block – Psychiatric drugs are quick fixes prescribed too quickly and without talk therapy

?? Natural Life, July/August 2006
Drugs, Silence and Suicide

Alberta Views, July / August 2006
The Healing of Angela Bischoff: How one environmentalist turned private grief into public action

CJSR Radio, Edmonton, May-June 2006 (Click on play bar below)
30-second Public Service Announcement promoting our Edmonton event


Sherwood Park News, Edmonton, June 13, 2006
Tooker’s wife saw agitative effect of anti-depressant

VUE Weekly, Edmonton, June 14, 2006
Personal Tragedy Inspiration for Holistic Health Tour

Uptown Magazine, Winnipeg, June 1, 2006
Pill-popping problem – Antidepressants can come with very negative side effects.

Fitzhugh, Jasper, AB, June 1, 2006
Interview with Kelly about the tour.

— (file too big) CFCR Community Radio, Saskatoon, May 16, 2006
Interview with Angela, Kelly and Bridget on the tour and the issues.

Chronicle Herald, Halifax, NS, April, 26, 2006
Print interview with Angela on the results of her complaint to
the Nova Scotia College of Physicians & Surgeons.

Ottawa X Press, April 13, 2006
Print interview with Angela about the tour, Big Pharma & more.

?? CFRU 93.5 FM Guelph, May 3, 2006
Audio interview with Kelly Reinhardt about the tour and Big Pharma.

?? CKDU, Halifax, April 6, 2006
Audio interview with Angela about the tour, Big Pharma & more.