Is Global in Cahoots With Mel? Kay Hubley

Attention: Troy Reeb, by Kay Hubley.

I was appalled last week when I heard Troy Reeb dismiss a serious candidate for mayor of Toronto as a man “who composts worms”. Troy did not even mention Tooker Gomberg’s name, just “a man who composts worms” and asked the question of the panel “why is it so difficult to get good candidates to run against Mel?” I believe a serious candidate was degraded and belittled by Troy’s words.

Ayn Rand would say “check your premises” and to do that Troy and anyone else commenting on the election for mayor should check out and the websites of all the candidates.

Once long ago we waited for many weeks for a radio interview in New York with Ayn Rand For weeks the great event was promoted every chance the station had. Finally the day came. She was a bit late due to a delay in her flight, we all waited with great anticipation .Reports of her whereabouts kept coming “she is in the taxi now “or such and finally she was on the air !!

The interviewer said (and I remember this as if it was yesterday) ” Miss Rand , people say that your books ……” She interrupted him by asking “have you read my books?”. He said “no, but people say…” She said “if you have not read my books I can’t see any point in discussing them with you. ” and she left. On the air all the words that were left of the interview were “But but but Miss Rand but but but Miss Rand” to no avail.

Is there a lesson here? Should we have facts ?Of course .Do we put our own interpretations on those facts ? Of course. but the premise must begin with facts which are on the website and/or in person.

I will end with;

* Why is Mel checking out Edmonton’s infrastructure (as it relates to garbage?) ?
* Did you know that Tooker Gomberg was a councillor who spearheaded the Edmonton infrastructure that Mel is checking out?
* How will Mel deal with the homeless? or will he instead concentrate on the Olympic bid only.?
* I believe that there is some substance to a campaign as Tooker’s.. Grass roots maybe , backed by big money? No but he has courage and fresh insight for sure.
* In the U.S. Ralph Nader is a presidential candidate for the same Green Party. Is he a serious candidate? Not if you gauge it only by big monied political backing I’m sure. But a man for the people (which now includes the future welfare of the country that houses the people ), Yes.
* I believe , as a consumer advocate for so long , that Ralph Nader has proven that he is a serious candidate.
* Why won’t Mel participate in a debate with Tooker?
* When does a candidate become “serious” ? When the incumbent closely checks out his opponent’s work? What is Mel doing?
* Checking out Tooker Gomberg’s work!!

As a daily viewer of Global news I implore you to get more facts. It should be enlightening. I’m not asking you to be Howard Stern, just asking you to help people make an informed choice. What goes on in Toronto “the good” has far reaching implications .

Do your very best, Please.

Kay Hubley