Letter About Debate, Rob Grand

I remember when I was growing up in Toronto we lived in a democracy. If our current mayoral election is any indication of our political system I am quite concerned. At least one candidate appears to have launched a serious, viable campaign against the incumbant and I would like to find out more about the contender, Tooker Gomberg, and what he represents. I am also curious about the current mayor’s platform. Unfortuately, I have not seen any literature from Mr. Lastman, I am unaware of any significant past-term accomplishments (other than the moose), and therefore I don’t feel that I can cast an educated vote in the upcoming election. I am sure that I am echoing the sentiment of most people in the mega-city when I say that we need more focus placed on the top two contenders for mayor. Voting is a serious act of community responsibility and we must all be armed with the information required to make meaningful and responsible votes. I feel that it is necessary for open dialogue with the electorate and the easiest, most democratic way to help Torontonians choose their leader is through debate. I urge Mr. Gomberg and Mr. Lastman, as part of their campaigns, to debate the issues that concern the future of our city and to help all of us make an educated, responsible, democratic vote.

Yours Truly, Rob Grand.