Letter to the Editor, Anne Hansen, Globe and Mail

Letters to the Editor, Anne Hansen, Globe and Mail, Nov. 7, 2000.

Dear Editor:

Mel Lastman isn’t exactly the swiftest salmon in the stream. It would never occur to him that his stubborn refusal to engage in a public mayoralty debate is giving candidate Tooker Gomberg a huge, overdue boost of publicity (Globe and Mail, Nov 7).

Lastman is a has-been, a non-entity, on his way out. Imagine the arrogance of a “leader” who doesn’t even have the courage to appear in public or to produce an election platform. Isn’t that what elections are all about? One can only conclude that Mel’s out of the running; there’s obviously nobody home.

Toronto has the privilege to elect Tooker Gomberg, a man of possibilities. Gomberg has done his homework, both as an Edmonton city councillor, and as a community organizer on matters of waste management, housing, transportation, energy conservation, and city design. He has a wealth of achievable plans for addressing Toronto’s smog, gridlock, employment, and housing problems. On voting day, this is a whole lot more compelling than fake moose.

Yours truly, Anne Hansen.