Letter to the Editor, by Amanda Dainow

Letter to the Editor, Chronicle-Herald Halifax, by youth environmental activist, Amanda Dainow.

I am shocked and deeply saddened at the loss of Tooker Gomberg. He has been one of my greatest inspirations in the fight for environmentalism and social justice. I admired him from afar for several years, and finally had the true honour of knowing him personally. He was not only a com/passionate and brilliant activist, he was a genuinely kind, honest, helpful and deeply caring person. He and his partner Angela were awesome together.

Tooker really will be missed, by those who knew him and by environmental/social justice communities. I never apologize for the loss of someone, but in this case, I am very sorry for those who had yet to know him, and for the policies and minds he had yet to influence.

As it pours rain outside, it seems as if the Earth is mourning the loss of one of her finest defenders. Seeing and hearing about the plethora of extremely creative initiatives Tooker had organized, and reading the multitude of articles he had written, across a range of topics, continues to inspire me to this day, and whenever I seek inspiration, I think of the many significant contributions he has made, across the country and abroad.

Amanda Dainow