Letter to the Editor: Smoke Free Not PC

HOUR, May 29-June 4, 1997, Julie Heenan, Montreal

Letter to the Editor: Smoke Free Not PC

Hour, you call yourself alternative? What I see are full-page ads for the most antisocial and destructive elements in our society. No, not the mafia or guns – I’m taking about cigarettes and cars.

And to add additional insult, your man Lyle Steward then calls the Tooker Gomberg Election launch in Outremont “PC” because signs asked people who needed to smoke to please do it outside (Borderlines, May 1). Well, excuse me!

Hey Lyle, what did you expect? Export A ads on the walls? Banners for the Grand Prix du Montreal? There are thousands of smoky bars in Montreal, yet for the next few Sunday nights in May, Barzan will be smoke-free. If that’s a radical act, then anyone who breathes should thank the Tooker Gomberg Election Campaign for it. For once, a wannabe politician who doesn’t just talk, but does something.

Almost takes your breath away, don’t it?