Letter to the Editor, Suzan Murphy

Dear Editor,

Although I live and work in Montreal, it has come to my attention that deMOCracy is being eroded in Toronto. Why has there been a media blackout of the mayor candidates in Toronto? This is indeed a sad day for journalism when serious issues which are being addressed by one candidate, namely Mr. Gomberg, are not even being heard about or reported on in the newspapers or media.

Do we want to just endure the bad-pattern-politics- as-usual routine or, Do we stand at the abyss and make a great leap forward into the future thereby creating a place where we are all counted and heard?

Tooker Gomberg is not some phony photo-op politican. This is someone who goes the extra mile. The question is dear editor, do you care about the issues and who is calling our attention to them or, on politics-as-usual?


Suzan Murphy
Montreal, Canada