Letter to the Editor, Tooker Gomberg

Dear Editor (Toronto Star, Oct. 26, 2000):

I tried to chuckle, but I choked instead upon reading Royson James’ article: No viable campaign besides Mr. Lastman’s. Huh?

It is an insult to democracy and a ripoff to the citizens that most of the media stand by their mantra: only fringe candidates are running for Mayor, nobody else can win, go back to sleep.

Our campaign team of over 600 volunteers is very much alive. Our website (www.GombergForMayor.org) is hopping — 330,000 hits, and the hits just keep on coming.

We’re putting out a solid platform on the issues that Torontonians care about: the waste of garbage, toxic smoggy air, homelessness, tenant protection, public transit, policing.

On Nov. 13 Torontonians can choose the candidate in the chauffeur-driven Cadillac, or the one riding his bike and the TTC. They can choose the candidate whose best solution to the “garbage problem” is to dump it on people who don’t want it, and declare war with Northerners and First Nations. Or they can vote for the former Edmonton City Councillor whose legacy is the largest and most successful composting operation in Canada.

They can choose the Mayor who wouldn’t support the Tenants Defense Fund, or the candidate who is a tenant and understands their plight and will fight for tenants rights.

One candidate is notable by his choosing to be absent from every All Candidates election forum. I have attended three so far. My notable absence is from your recent press coverage.

But we’re not invisible — we’re on the streets. Ours is a grassroots campaign. His is corporate. We have already distributed 150,000 leaflets with people power, and tomorrow twice that number arrive for volunteer distribution.

The other candidate’s office is dead. Nobody has seen his print material. The candidate is hiding, and refusing debate. His website does not exist.

Which campaign is viable and alive? And why won’t you give Torontonians the choice they deserve?

Tooker Gomberg for Mayor