Media Release: A Mayor Who Will Stand Up for Edmontonians’ Health

October 9, 1998

A Mayor Who Will Stand Up For Edmontonians’ Health

At 1 p.m. today, Friday, October 9, 1998 in front of the Royal Alexandra Hospital, (10240 Kingsway Avenue) mayoral candidate Tooker Gomberg will present how, if elected mayor, he will stand up for Edmontonians’ health and well being.

“As I walk around and talk with Edmontonians, I hear that health is a major concern. People worry about air and water pollution, they worry about speeding cars, and they want to know that if they are hospitalized there will be quality care available. Yet they know that massive cuts to our health care system has put the system in jeopardy. They tell me they want a mayor who will stand up to Klein and the Conservatives and the massive cuts they have wrought.”