Media Release: Back to School Zones

September 17, 1998.

Back To School Zones.

With kids returning to school candidate Gomberg is calling for the re-introduction of School Zones in Edmonton. “A good test of the livability of a city, I believe, is the quality and safety of the walking environment. First and foremost the streets should be safe for kids to walk around in” he said.

While visiting a Bonnie Doon school Councillor Gomberg was informed by students of the hazards to walking in the neighbourhood. He asked the students to prepare a report for his office, and with the transportation department ensured that needed improvements were implemented.

“Calgary has school zones, and surrounding municipalities have them. Yet Edmonton’s transportation department decided they were not necessary. Their response to my question: “why?” is that too many drivers were speeding through the school zones, and that they weren’t effective at slowing down the traffic. That kind of logic escapes me. What about enforcement, and roadway re-design for the children’s safety?”

Every couple of days a child is admitted to a hospital emergency room due to a close encounter with a car. Candidate Gomberg believes that slowing down the speed of vehicles in neighbourhoods is a key element of making our city safer. “If elected I will work to ensure that the first priority of the Transportation Master Plan is to calm the traffic and make city streets safer for all users” Gomberg concluded.