Media Release: Gomberg Campaign Launches Into Cyberspace

Sept. 28, 1998.

Gomberg Campaign Launches Into Cyberspace.

On Monday, September 28, at 11:15 a.m. at Planet Cybercafe, 10442 Whyte Avenue, Tooker Gomberg will grab a mouse to test drive and launch his mayoralty campaign’s Web Page:

“Our campaign is about ideas, about possibilities, and about the future. The Internet allows for unprecedented sharing of intelligence, knowledge and experience. Our Web Page will make it easy for anyone interested in finding out more about our policies, platform, and upcoming events.”

“We have also set up a chat room where people can talk about the election, ask questions and engage in debate. To us, that is what democracy is all about,” says Gomberg.

The Gomberg Web Page also includes links to the other mayoralty candidates. “We hope to encourage comparison of candidate’s policies. We challenge the other mayoralty candidates to reciprocate and provide links to our page from their pages.”

The Gomberg Web Page is still under construction: audio and video clips will be added in the next few days.