Media Release: Gomberg Campaign to Host Series of Election Cabarets

Sept. 26, 1998.

Gomberg Campaign to Host Series of Election Cabarets.

In the interest of fostering political debate, and having fun, the Gomberg Campaign will host a series of Election Cabarets on the four Sundays leading up to the October 19 civic elections.

The cabarets will be a mix of sets of live music, interspersed with sets of “open mike” comments about local political issues. Any concerns or ideas can be addressed. All candidates and citizens of all stripes are welcome.

The first Election Cabaret (with Dale Ladouceur headlining) will take place on:
Sunday Sept. 27
8-11 pm
Sugar Bowl
10922 88 Ave.

Admission is $3.

“One of the cornerstones of democracy is healthy and lively debate. That’s what we hope to spawn with these cabarets. And as mayor I would open the doors to City Hall, and host weekly discussions and cabarets along the lines of these events. Why shouldn’t politics be fun?” says Gomberg.