Media Release: Gomberg Proposes Lowering Taxes and Utility Rates

Sept. 25, 1998.

Gomberg Proposes Lowering Taxes and Utility Rates.

Today, on Friday September 25, 1998 at 12 noon. mayoralty candidate Tooker Gomberg will unveil his platform plank on lowering taxes. The location for this event is described below.

The platform will focus on ways to significantly decrease city expenditures while maintaining existing services.

“There is a scare out there that the city will be short $45 million next year, and that there is an infrastructure gap and looming crisis. The crisis could easily be addressed by reducing and streamlining our infrastructure needs.”

Gomberg will outline ways to save significant amounts of money by addressing issues of:

  • Suburban Sprawl: With low density growth enormous infrastructure costs balloon and cannot be contained.
  • Shifting Taxes: Road users should be paying a greater share.
  • Innovative Infrastructure Planning: The city should develop plans to use infrastructure more efficiently, rather than resorting to expansion.

As City Councillor Gomberg spearheaded innovative programs to save the city money and reduce taxes and rates. One initiative he undertook was to challenge the administration on the need for the expansion of the E.L. Smith Water Treatment. This single initiative saved ratepayers over $300 million in avoided costs.

PLEASE NOTE: Tentative Location for this event will be: 100 Ave. and 93 St. in Riverdale (north side of the river, west of Dawson Bridge, south on 92 St., west on 100 Ave.). If the rain stops, the event will proceed as planned. If it is still raining an alternate site may be found. Please phone for confirmation.