Media Release: Is It A Tooker-Board, Or a Gom-Board?

September 30, 1998.

Is It A Tooker-Board, Or A Gom-Board?

Earlier today a group of artists and volunteers paint, not a bill-board, but a Gom-Board on Whyte Avenue.

The large (8′ X 24′) brightly handpainted Tooker-Board was painted this afternoon on the southeast corner of Whyte Avenue and 100 Street, across the street from Gomberg Campaign Headquarters.

The Gom-Board features a colourful picture of a healthy city. It is emblazoned with the slogans: For a Liveable City — Vote Gomberg For Mayor. Our Future Depends On It.

Also featured in the Gom-Board is a person reading a newspaper dated October 20, 1998. The headline suggests a surprise victory by candidate Gomberg!