Media Release: Suzuki Endorses Gomberg for Mayor

October 12, 1998.

Suzuki Endorses Gomberg For Mayor

Dr. David Suzuki, noted scientist, broadcaster and environmentalist, has endorsed the Gomberg For Mayor campaign.

“Tooker Gomberg is one of the few politicians I have met who has a deep understanding of the environmental issues that confront us today” says Suzuki.

In addition to support from Suzuki, the Gomberg For Mayor campaign has attracted keen interest from people around the world. Via the campaign’s email list of over 850 subscribers, and the campaign web page ( people from Hong Kong to Australia to Brazil are closely watching Edmonton’s mayoral race. Some of the email commendations are listed on the Gomberg For Mayor web page.

“Edmonton can move to the forefront in the worldwide movement towards sustainable, healthy cities” says Gomberg. “I have traveled and researched widely, and I understand what it takes. As mayor I will continue to learn from other city’s innovations. And I will proudly show others what Edmonton has accomplished – like our extraordinary recycling and composting initiatives, and our terrific ribbon of green trail system, to name but a few.”