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Wrap up of COP27 from Climate Action Network Canada



Wrap up of COP27 from the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty



Fossil Investment Could ‘Fully Finance’ Renewable Shift to 1.5°C

Redirecting $570 billion per year from planned oil and gas investments could “fully finance” wind and solar expansion to meet a 1.5°C target. In other words, the problem is not a shortage of available capital, but rather that existing energy investment is going to the wrong places.



Fossil Fuels Fund Dictatorships: Ukrainian Climate Activist Suspended from COP27 over Russia Protest



Ukrainian Climate Scientist Says Fossil Fuels Enabled Russian War in Ukraine



Exiled Russian Environmentalist: Russia’s Uranium Sales to U.S. & Europe Help Putin Fund Ukraine War



How to Donate Solar Panels & Wind Turbines to Ukraine



Ukraine war: Billionaire launches $25bn fund for reconstruction

“The president [Zelensky] sees that as an opportunity to completely replace old coal-fired [and] nuclear power stations with brand new green energy”



Russia’s Catastrophic Oil & Gas Problem

38 min. video



Don’t Nuke the Climate

38 min. video with Dr. Gordon Edwards (PhD). He explains why nuclear energy is too slow and too costly to address the climate emergency compared with energy efficiency and renewable energy – options that are fast, agile, and sustainable, without imposing the burden of radioactive waste, the threat of nuclear weapons proliferation, the potential for nuclear disasters, and the financial burden of cost overruns and radioactive demolition projects.



Doug Ford making all the wrong moves with Ontario’s electricity sector

13 min. video with Dr. Mark Winfield



Why is Ontario turning its back on low-cost, low-carbon power?

Op Ed by Angela Bischoff. The Ford government’s perplexing approach to keeping the lights on in Ontario took another bizarre turn recently when it tore up an energy cooperation agreement with Quebec.



Save Teachbeach – Toronto’s cleanest beach

Petition for downtown Toronto’s pebble (sandless) South-facing beach adjoining Ontario Place West Island, known as “Teachbeach” or “Pebble beach” or “Peacebeach” to be and remain public property. We reject proposals for it being private property, or for privatization of public property that would destroy this amenity.






European Film Festival

Nov. 17 – Dec. 2

Spadina Theatre, 24 Spadina road (just north of Bloor)






The Road Past COP27: Spirit & Change

Tues. Nov. 22, 8 p.m. ET

Speakers include Angele Alook, assistant professor at York University and member of Bigstone Cree First Nation returning from participation at COP 27, and advocates for the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty, all address what changes need to happen to address the climate emergency. Hosted by For the Love of Creation.






Heat Pumps: The clear climate choice for your home

Tues. Nov. 22, 7 – 8 p.m. ET

Learn about how a heat pump can save you money on home heating and cooling and reduce your home’s climate impact. We’ll start with a look at the economics of switching to a cold climate air-source heat pump instead of conventional heating and cooling equipment and then look at some real world examples of heat pump performance in Ontario. Millions of cold climate heat pumps are in use around the world, but they are still new to Canada, so join us to find out why they are now the sensible choice for our climate and your pocketbook.






Working Together for Ontario’s Wetlands

Tues. Nov. 22, 2 – 3 p.m. ET

During this webinar, Dr. Anne Bell, Ontario Nature’s Director of Conservation and Education, will highlight key wetland values and the major threats Ontario’s wetlands face today. The practice of wetland offsetting will be introduced, with a discussion of how it may accelerate wetland loss if it’s not approached with extreme caution. She will also address the dire implications of recently proposed Bill 23 for Ontario’s wetlands.






National Day for Housing – Call to Action

Tues. Nov. 22, 12 noon ET

David Crombie Park, (Baseball Diamond at Sherbourne/Esplanade), Toronto

Housing in Canada is deeply unaffordable and the crisis escalates every day. Across the country from Kingston to Vancouver, Iqaluit to Montreal, people are being priced out of rental stock, losing their housing, and sleeping in tents, bus shelters and ravines because they cannot access housing or shelter. November 22 is National Housing Day. The Shelter and Housing Justice Network (SHJN) is calling for a mass rally to send a loud message to all levels of government: leaving people to suffer and die from lack of shelter and housing cannot be allowed to continue. All level of governments MUST build social housing now!






Pushing for Ambitious Climate Action at the Municipal Level

Thur. Nov. 24, 4 p.m. ET

This webinar will provide you with guidance, tips and resources to effectively work with your local government to push for ambitious climate action.






Posing as Canadian: In conversation with Gordon Laxer

Thur. Nov. 24, 9 – 10 pm ET

In this webinar, Gordon will review his findings on the power and influence of foreign oil giants in blocking meaningful climate action in Canada and will highlight the current political climate in Alberta. Just as importantly, the webinar will walk us through what we can do to curb that power.






2022 Socialist Action Fall Education Conference

Sat. Nov. 26


1 p.m. ET: Science and Militarism

4 p.m. ET: Eco-socialism, Marxism and Political Action

7 p.m. ET: Building Mass Movements and the Revolutionary Party






Homelessness Town Hall

Sun. Nov. 27, 1 pm ET


Could you live on $1227 while the average monthly rent for a 1-bedroom apartment is $1770? Last winter, Toronto counted over 10,000 homeless people. What can we do? Learn about and discuss Ontario’s and Toronto’s homelessness crisis including: Realizing the Right to Housing, and Responding to Unsheltered Homelessness. Hosted by Toronto Monthly Meeting (Quakers) Working Group on Homelessness 

To register, send an email to sistersnanibush@gmail.com





Climate Justice Toronto’s Fall Convergence

Sun. Nov 27, all day

Cecil Community Centre, near College and Spadina, Toronto

Climate Justice Toronto (CJTO) is a grassroots youth group which seeks to build a powerful movement to stop the climate crisis by confronting its root causes: capitalism, colonialism, and white supremacy. Fall Convergence is a full-day event bringing together social, economic, and climate justice groups in the city.






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