News Release: Debate Me, Mr. Lastman!

Toronto – (October 17, 2000)

Yesterday Candidate Tooker Gomberg sent a letter to Candidate Lastman requesting his commitment to take part in candidate’s debates.

In the letter Gomberg states: “Our campaign has been receiving numerous inquiries about Mayoralty debates. People want to know when you and I will have a chance to debate the issues.

Given that only four weeks remain before election day, I thought it would be timely to communicate directly with you to make arrangements for one, and preferably many public debates.

I am prepared to debate you, at your convenience, and at a location of your choosing. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Given the shortage of time remaining, we hope to hear from you by 5 p.m. on Weds. Oct. 18, 2000.

If we do not hear from you by that time we will presume that you have declined the opportunity to debate with me.

” Gomberg adds: “Public debates are the cornerstone of a healthy democracy. Citizens are entitled to hear the top candidates’ perspectives on the issues. They should hear Mr. Lastman defend why he is prepared to go to war with First Nations and the north over our garbage. They should know of my commitment to creating employment in Toronto through recycling and composting. The should grill us on our positions on smog and on taxes, on homelessness and on back room deals.”

“I look forward to a one-on-one debate with Mr. Lastman on the issues. What is he afraid of?”