News Release: For World Food Day, Gomberg Breaks Bread

Toronto – (October 15, 2000)

At 2 p.m. today, Sunday Oct. 15, in the northwest part of Dufferin Grove Park (Southeast of Dufferin St. and Dufferin Park Ave.) candidate Gomberg will join others in baking bread in an outdoor, community oven.

He will then release the campaign platform plank entitled Seeds and Justice, which outlines the campaign position on battling hunger in Toronto, in commemoration of World Food Day, Oct. 16.

“We need food for sustenance — without it we die. Food is also our most precious connection to the earth. Instead of growing more food in our city, a growing number of Torontonians are going hungry. This while there is tremendous wealth, and while enormous amounts of land lie fallow.

“We could be producing quality, tasty, healthy food right here in Toronto. There is available land in Toronto equivalent to 10 times the size of High Park that could be producing food. What are we waiting for?

“If elected Mayor on Nov. 13 I commit to pushing for a food garden in every park — Victory Gardens — so we can celebrate our collective victory over hunger. It is time for a Food and Hunger Action Plan for our city.

” Nooo-body should be hungry in Toronto” Gomberg concludes.

The Gomberg for Mayor ‘Seeds and Justice’ platform plank