News Release: Gomberg Campaign to Reach Critical Mass Today

Toronto – (September 29, 2000) 

On Friday, Sept. 29 (E-45) at 6 pm candidate Tooker Gomberg will join Toronto’s monthly Critical Mass ride and will inaugurate the Campaign Army by presenting campaign flags. They will be stationed at Yonge and Temperence Streets (just west of Yonge, and south of Richmond).

“Two weeks ago we hung out a flag saying: are Torontonians interested in doing a campaign to raise issues and have debate? If so, join us. And the response has been totally overwhelming,” says candidate Gomberg. “We already have more than 300 people who have offered to help us deliver leaflets, knock on doors, raise money, or paint banners and flags.”

Toronto’s Critical Mass ride is part of a worldwide movement for less smog and auto-destruction and more space and funds for cyclists, pedestrians and public transit. Each month upwards of 300 riders pedal together through the streets of Toronto creating a spontaneous oasis of quiet and conviviality.