News Release: Gomberg Declares the Princess Margaret Shelter Open

November 13, 2000, Toronto.

Gomberg and supporters continue to occupy the Old Princess Margaret Hospital (one block north and one block west of Sherbourne and Wellesley) since last night at 5 p.m. At 10 a.m. today, they will cut the ribbon on the New Princess Margaret Shelter, declaring it open for the homeless.

“It’s outrageous that as temperatures reach near freezing, the Mayor won’t open the doors to the 2000 homeless sleeping on the streets. Shelter is a fundamental human right. There’s a shortage of shelter beds in this city, and people are dying in the streets. The only right thing to do is open the shelter and invite all who are concerned about the homeless crisis to join us” says Gomberg.

“This is the most important issue of the election, yet where’s the action? If people want to see change on behalf of the homeless, they should vote for the man who takes action. I’m not just talking about the homeless; I’m doing something.” “People have a choice today. The homeless single mother has as much power on this day as does Conrad Black — one vote. So vote, and bring 2 friends. A vote for Gomberg is a vote for homes for all, for composting and recycling, for clean air, and for public transportation.”

All are welcome to come down and celebrate with us the opening of the Princess Margaret Shelter.