News Release: Goodbye, Queen’s Park

Toronto – (November 11, 2000)

At 2 p.m. today, at the main door of Queen’s Park, Mayoralty candidate Tooker Gomberg will release the campaign platform plank called: P416, the Province of Toronto. He will then nail a message to the front door.

“Our campaign has raised issues of importance to Torontonians. None is more important than how the Province of Ontario has been ripping off our city. Mike Harris has no love of this city. They are pulling out billions of dollars more than they are putting back in. Enough!”

“As Mayor I will work for a new province to be created in Canada, the Province of Toronto. We need to be masters of our own destiny. We need to be able to raise money for transit and housing. Ontario is not interested. Goodbye!”

At 3:30 p.m. Gomberg will join the picket line at York U in solidarity with striking workers. At 6:30 p.m. Gomberg will do a live interview with independent tv station UHF 15 which reaches the Beaches.

The Gomberg for Mayor ‘Province of Toronto’ platform plank

Victory Party, Tonight!

The Gomberg for Mayor campaign celebrates tonight with a cabaret at Barcode, 549 College St. “Two months ago a few friends were bemoaning how the election was looking like a coronation. We felt that democracy deserved better. Now, on the full moon cusp of Toronto’s first election of the new millennium, we will celebrate what we have accomplished. The enthusiasm and passion of citizens can change the world.”

Heading for A Million Hits

The Gomberg for Mayor website has exceeded all expectations. To date over 750,000 hits have been registered, with approximately 100,000 hits per day now being recorded.

“We’re heading for the ‘million hits’ mark, and we’re proud of the excitement that is building. People are awakening to realize that there is a choice for Mayor. They are excited to learn that they can choose a Mayor with a track record of standing up to injustice, and fighting for a healthy environment.”

More Platform Planks Released

The Gomberg for Mayor platform continues to expand and take shape. The plank on: “Energy: A Bright Future” will be posted today.

The Gomberg for Mayor ‘Energy’ platform plank