News Release: Last(man) Out of Touch

Toronto – (October 12, 2000)

Candidate Gomberg today urged Mayor Lastman to reconsider his advocacy of the Adams Mine option.

“Mayor Lastman is seriously out of touch. He is out of touch with citizens of Toronto who want their City Council to act responsibly. And he is out of touch with the alternatives, like composting and biogas, that would help us to move into the new millennium.”

“While a City Councillor in Edmonton, I spearheaded the composting alternative that is now a beacon for the rest of the country. It is striking that Mr. Lastman would be afraid to visit the Edmonton composting facility before making a decision on what to do with Toronto’s garbage.”

“When Mr. Lastman says there are no alternatives, he only shows that he has never toured the Edmonton composting facility, and has no idea of the incredible alternative of biogas that is now in operation in Newmarket, just north of the city. Turning our ‘garbage’ into biogas would turn waste into a resource, and would generate electricity and heat in the process.”

“When you close your eyes and ears to the alternatives you’re out of touch with reality.”