News Release: Opening the Doors to City Hall

Toronto – (November 1, 2000)

At 4:45 p.m. today, on the east side of Osgoode Hall (just west of Nathan Phillips Square) candidate Gomberg will release the campaign platform plank on local democracy. He will be engaging in discussion and debate with people waiting in line for a free meal at Osgoode Hall.

“Debate is a cornerstone of democracy. Without debate democracy withers. My platform highlights specific things which, as Mayor, I will push for the city to do to increase citizen involvement in city affairs.”

Gomberg will meet with some of the least powerful citizens today and share ideas of how to Involve them in the municipal political process.

“Every day citizens use city services constantly: they take the bus, take a book out of the library, or use an ambulance. Yet citizens have very little opportunity for input on how to make the city greater. Mr. Lastman’s approach has been to make decisions and deals in the back rooms. My history, and my commitment, is to involve people in the decisions that affect their lives.”