News Release: Playing with (Coal) Fire: The Toxic View From Lakeview

Toronto – (October 26, 2000)

Today, from 12 noon to 1:30 pm Candidate Gomberg will visit the greatest health killer in the GTA. Gomberg will visit the Lakeview Coal Fired Power Plant in Mississauga, by the lake. Gomberg will talk about the dangers of Lakeview.

“Why is Lakeview, the serial killer, still on the loose? We want cold beer and hot showers, not toxic smog and acid rain. If you like cancer, you’ll love Lakeview. Lakeview emits six cancer-causing substances: arsenic, beryllium, cadmium, chromium, lead and nickel.

As Mayor, I will move Toronto towards a clean, healthy renewable energy future. Like I did as City Councillor in Edmonton.

Then, at 2:30 pm, in front of the solar panels above the entrance to City Hall, Gomberg will outline his plans for phasing out coal, and making Toronto the solar energy capital of Canada.

“Take a breath. It’s toxic. Given the choice Torontonians would choose the new energy sources, like wind and solar. We own Toronto Hydro. Let’s do some good with it. And with a federal election in full swing, where is Ralph Goodale, Minister of Natural Resrouces? What is he saying about moving into the solar age? And is he still a fan of tax breaks for developing new oil resources?”

Sunday Premiere: Playing With Democracy, the Campaign Video

On Sunday, Oct. 29 the world premiere of No Budget Production’s documentary: Playing With Democracy , The Gomberg for Mayor Campaign Video (working title) will take place live on the internet, as well as projected on a building. Contact the campaign webpage for details.

“We are thrilled that the new media allows us a chance to get our message out directly to the public. We have been shooting the campaign from day one, and we have some lively and interesting video stories to tell. Our webpage already has over 330,000 hits. There is a buzz about our site, and people are keen to learn more about what we stand for, and what I will do if elected.”

“The traditional media is saying there is no choice. Well, there is a choice. A clear one. And the people of Toronto are entitled to be aware of the choices afforded to them by democracy. Given the full range of options, I trust Torontonians to make the best choice for them. I trust Toronto.”

Playing with Kids’ Lives, and Joys

Today marks the launching of Sony’s Playstation 2 with an estimated retail price of close to 300USD. “At times like this I reflect on what our cities have become — places where cars rule and kids are forced off the streets. Where neighbourhood parks are bulldozed while there there is no public money to replace them.

Governments pay lip service to concerns about our environment while our children literally have to seek refuge inside because of toxic air from government inaction. What we need is the kind of publicity afforded the latest incarnation of the Playstation to be directed at wrestling childhood asthma to the ground. Where media attention is focused on the goal of building a city for kids where they could swim in Lake Ontario, and where cycling and ball hockey are not life-threatening pursuits.”