News Release: Province Missing the Boat on Climate Change

Gomberg for Mayor, Edmonton, Alberta.

News Release challenging the Alberta government to not resist climate change, but to embrace the opportunities.

Last night candidate Tooker Gomberg attended Environment Minister Ty Lund’s presentation of the Environmental Protection Department’s annual report. Gomberg was shocked to hear, or actually not hear, any mention of the words “climate change.” Other MLA’s present, including Stockwell Day and Iris Evans also neglected to mention what is perhaps the most critical environmental issue of our time.

“Members of the public, and the media, were denied the opportunity to ask a question about the annual report during the meeting. I wanted to ask Mr. Lund if he would take initiatives now to help cities and towns become more energy efficient, and work with Municipal Affairs Minister Ms. Evans to implement a partnership program and improve our urban community’s energy performance.”

While on Edmonton City Council Gomberg spearheaded the establishment of an energy efficiency fund that has invested almost $1 million and significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions. And the amazing thing is that the rate of return on dollars invested has been 30% – a very attractive payoff! Edmonton Power has undertaken similar, profitable renovations of their Capitol Square headquarters.

Gomberg concludes by saying: “Mr. Lund and Ms. Evans may think that it would be difficult and costly to address the climate crisis. In fact, it would save money and create thousands of meaningful jobs where they’re needed most – in our cities. Instead of digging in his heels Mr. Lund could be jogging onto the sustainable path. This is not a bitter pill to swallow – it is a tasty treat!”