News Release: Winter Camp for Justice Grows

News Release, Edmonton, Alberta.

The Winter Camp for Justice in the Oilpatch grows with an expanded quinzee (similar to an igloo) on the front lawn of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Western Canadian Land Stewardship Council

The Winter Camp For Justice In The Oilpatch has expanded. Located on the front lawn of RCMP K Division Headquarters at 109 St. and Kingsway Avenue, Edmonton, the campers have expanded on the original quinzee (similar to an igloo) made out of snow by building a second structure and connecting the two snow huts with a large tunnel. A third, larger structure is being considered, and a tepee should arrive soon. The current structure extends over 25 feet long.

The quinzees can now comfortably accommodate twenty seated people, or 11 sleeping. Today a surprise visit by a firefighter prompted the re-design of the structures to allow for emergency escape.

“They were not worried about the building burning down” said Don Friske, one of the campers. “They seemed to be more concerned about possible collapse. But we’ve done a good job.” he concluded. The structures are comfortable and campers are keeping warm – indoor temperatures are a balmy plus 5 Celsius, with no windchill.

The camp has been established to highlight toxic pollution caused by the oil and gas industry, and to demand justice for farmers and ranchers impacted by the industry’s noxious emissions. The campers are demanding that the Alberta government act quickly and end all flaring and venting from natural gas wells.

The winter camp has received positive attention from passers-by, and from the RCMP who have graciously allowed free use of their