Platform: The Gomberg for Mayor Platform Plank on Democracy

The Gomberg for Mayor platform plank on Democracy

Let’s Talk — The essence of democracy.

Toronto has enjoyed a rich heritage of neighbourhood and citizen group participation in City affairs which has been damaged by amalgamation. With councillors representing many more constituents and higher work loads and public processes curtailed, we have experienced less access, less scrutiny, and more private wealth interests served. The maintenance of common wealth and well-being is the purpose of good government. A central role of civil society is to inform and safeguard public interest. Our citizens have been and will be the instigators of constructive change.

Reform measures include:

1. Expanded community councils either popularly elected or selected by Toronto Council to augment capacity for local planning, services, and other municipal issues

2. Public committees with empowerment to establish agendas and develop resolutions for Council

3. Greater transparency and public input requests for proposals, evaluations, and contract terms

4. Modest compensation for advisory committees

5. Frequent informal plebecites and public debate

6. Anti-lobbying bylaw enforcement

7. Elected representatives on major agencies, boards, and commissions eg. Toronto Hydro, Police Commission