Suzuki and Naomi Klein Endorse Gomberg Campaign

Toronto – (October 24, 2000)

The campaign is pleased to announce that David Suzuki and Naomi Klein have endorsed our campaign. “Tooker Gomberg is one of the few politicians I have met who has a deep understanding of the environmental and social justice issues that confront us today and he has built a platform based on resolving them. It’s time we made these issues the top priority in every election at all levels of government.” – David Suzuki.

“It’s time to tell Mel that you don’t want a to live in a city of shiny facades that drives homeless people off the streets and exports its garbage.” Naomi Klein, Globe and Mail Columnist

Other prominent endorsements include: “Tooker Gomberg is a visionary — an activist who puts principle into practice!” Elizabeth May, Executive Director, Sierra Club of Canada

“I’m voting for Tooker Gomberg for mayor because, right now, garbage is the defining issue, and he’s on the side of a clean future.” Michele Landsberg, Toronto Star Columnist

The Truth about Edmonton’s Composter

“Congratulations to Mr. Lastman for visiting the giant Edmonton co-composting facility” said Tooker Gomberg, Mayoralty candidate. “And good for the media for giving the visit such extensive coverage. But missing from the story is my role as City Councillor in getting Edmonton onto the composting track. I pushed hard against the building of a new landfill, and spearheaded the drive for Edmonton’s administration to investigate composting as an ecological and realistic option.”

“Our campaign team is becoming frustrated at how some media are tripping over themselves to cover Lastman, but unwilling or afraid to cover what we’re doing. This at the same time as they are saying that only Lastman can win. If they virtually ignore us while only covering him, their prophesy becomes self-fulfilling.”

Pesticides Platform

Pesticides are toxic chemicals, which are deliberately released into the environment. These chemicals are linked to a number of serious environmental problems and adverse human health effects. I commit to advocating for a complete phaseout of their use.

I would move a by-law that would phase out the cosmetic use of pesticides on privately owned land. Components of the plan for the transition stage would include:

… Providing training for lawn care companies and landscapers about alternatives
… specific types of property would be targeted for the first year, such as daycare centres, hospitals, seniors residences I would also urge that a public education program be established, to teach Torontonians about the alternatives available.

The Gomberg for Mayor ‘Pesticides’ platform plank